Sunday, September 15, 2019

✝️ 90s Kohls Fashion Boots Funeral, Remembrance & Mourning Procession.✝️

RIP 1990 Kohls Fashion Boots
We are gathered here today, 
to give our respects and love to a pair of my vintage 90s boots. 

I got them a loooooong time ago, at a local thrift shop, in relatively GREAT shape. 
I wore them twice and they ended up ripping entirely apart. 
I wore them again for a comicon a while back with my Junji Ito Spiral cosplay. 
Thinking that since they were a BIT damaged (not even seen by the naked eye!) nothing would happen. They looked great but I assume the treading through wet grass 
and resurfacing out into the hot summer heat made them crack and crease more. 

My dearest friends...

I tried everything in my power to fix them. 
Someone mentioned to me that I could use Coconut Oil on the fake leather--
it'll help; they said. It will make them shiny and gleamy

But no, no it didn't. It made the material eat itself. Or so that is what it looked like.
The "leather" started to crumble right off and fall into my hands. It was very heartbreaking. 
It was like watching my best friend bleed out onto me, and all I could do was cry out into the air. 
Yes, I even put out my candles for this moment.
So, now we are here. At this point in the story. 
Having to do what I could only do in such a matter. 
Give my last respects and dedicate a whole post to these beautiful 90s Kohls Fashion Boots.

I was contemplating on tossing them--but my heart would break. 
I contemplated on burying them in a shallow grave--I would be contributing to planetary pollution, so no. 
I wanted to give them a nice burial, with a coffin and flowers and all of that--again, people would frown upon that as discarded waste. Which, in truth, would be greatly that. Human bodies can decompose. I don't think the rubber from the soles or the fake leather would help out our environment. Especially in this day and age. We need to get those things properly disposed of in factories in order for it to even be recycled into something we can repurpose and reuse. So, scratch that. 
My poor shoes! :'(

The only thing I could do, which in honesty--I have no problem doing. Is keeping them on me as a daily reminder of what once was. (Actually, I'm just dragging this post out. lol I like the look of damage. So, wearing them damaged will only amplify my look!) But that isn't the important part here. Not owning a pair of damaged shoes. Not using the dreadful coconut oil to attempt a fix. None of that. The important part is that I give them the respect they deserve. 
I will always love you. I will...always love you. -cue in The Cure-

They once belonged to someone. I was just lucky to have had them in my life for as long as I did before the sudden doom. I just want to take this time to say Thank You to the person who previously owned these. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for owning them. Thank you for bringing them to the thrift for me to find. I'm sorry they are now in this bad condition. I still have the receipt you left in the left sole of the shoe. I'm so very, very sorry. I will keep them as they are and love them as they were. (and still is!) Thank you. Thank you very much. 

Now, allow us to take this moment to remember my beloved shoes. A moment of silence, please....
Yes, I put on my best mourning garb for this occasion! 
You raise me I can could walk on mountains......
You raise me walk through stormy seas.....
I am strong, when I am on your raise me be more than I can beeeeee~
YOU RAISE ME UOPPPPPPP...okay, I'll stop.
Thank you, That is all.

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