Wednesday, September 11, 2019

🎃Dollar Tree Halloween Stuff [A Look Around+Mini Haul)🎃

First glimpse of inside the Halloween Aisle.
Hello ladies and gentlefish
Another lovely post about my favorite time of year. 
Quite honestly, if walkthroughs and showcases aren't your thing--forgive me 
but there will be LOADS more of these posts until the season ends. 

I'm not much of a Christmas person nor am I some sentimental Valentine but when it comes to Halloween--I feel like a kid in a candy store...quite literally. lol

I haven't been to my local Dollar Tree in a very long time. 
So, I felt compelled to see what they had to offer for this spooky season.
(If they had anything at all.) 
And I felt like Jack when he stumbled on Christmas Time. 
"What's this? What's THIS?" 
I could explain what I seen in bold text but I'd much rather you witness it yourself. 
Allow me to just show and tale~ 
Tons of costumes have graced the shelves. Loads upon loads of Unicorn related things. Who says fantasy is dead? lol
Little bumblebee wings~ 

Of course, no shopping experience would be the same without those Halloween masks! 

Some Dragon Slayer and Ninja action here. 

A better angle, a better shot.

Not going to lie--my eyes drifted to these smiling fellas! 

The skulls bobbled up and down a bit. 

Not Halloween but rather, Harvest themed. Very much loved by me, as well. Scarecrows are my favorite among favorites! 

Right beside the sacks of smiling straw and crisp leaves--we got tombstones and chains! 

Sorry for the glare, it was very early in the morning when I visited. Rise and shine and be scary! <3  

Just a glimpse of some more shelves and display areas. 

What Fall season would be the same without the Harvest Pumpkin~ 

Around the corner, we got some more goodies. 

Not going to lie, I really love the look of these tinsel decor things. 

"Trick or Treat" 

Some cute wooden plaques. 

Carvable Pumpkins make the world go 'round. 

Glitter makes me so happy. I feel like a crow that discovered something shiny~ 

Beautiful decorations. A cute "Boo" ghost, as well. 

"Welcome to our web" 

I really like the Black Hats Society sign. 

Look at those adorable book containers. They come in 3 sizes. 

Some knick-knacks. 

Some little Halloween themed party favors and treat-bag trinkets. 
A birds-eye view of the pails and bowls.
For those, who are like me, crafty inclined--they also have some Halloween themed crafting stuff.
A better show of the "craft" section. 
I turned a corner and seen these chips staring a hole into me.
Especially these ones. That Voodoo Doll really sold me. I've seen Zapps chips around but never seen these two specific types here. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 
More stuff--like the Spider Web Treat Bags. 
I didn't see it when I was there but those plastic pumpkin cups are ADORABLE! 
Eyeballs, A Brain Mold and some spooky Ice Trays.
Witchy Kitchen stuff. 
They also had these plastic serving trays on the bottom of this aisle.
"Hang In There" 
More stuffs. 
Some accessories. 
They also sold some icky, sticky eyeballs. 
The black cat pail was very cute. Also, the little Halloween themed boxes beside the book containers. 
A better shot of those Book containers. The open by flipping the lid like a book cover. You can store a lot of stuff in them, even the tiniest box is still pretty big inside. 
Stuff for those who like to make treat bags. 

The little witch ghosts are cute. 

Some bows, plastic skeletons and bloody window clings.

Some bags that I assume are for trick-or-treaters. I actually would use them all as my everyday bag.
Not even going to hide it. lol

Another cute sign I almost forgot to snap a pic of. 

They also had a pedestal full of these cute Sugar Skull candles. These are the female faces.

And these are the male faces. Adorable~ 

I also left but I caught a glimpse of this dead man party.

I actually wasn't expecting to purchase anything, only just look around. 
but anyone who is anyone will say, that can't happen in these sorts of stores. lol 
You just can't "look around" without, at the very least, purchasing something. 
So, I took the whole store. lmfao jkjk
Here is some stuff I picked up for this haul. Mostly essentials but I also nabbed a new household cleaning products, too. lmfao

First is first--some felt stickers and microfiber screen cleaners for our cellphones.

I actually thought these "puppets" were cute. I like the idea I am cleaning my device AND performing a mini puppet show for the school children...all at the same time. lmfao

I scrapbook and I want to start a yearly Halloween scrapbook. So, I picked up some stickers for that. 

These ones I got two of, they are filled with Witch hats and boots. 

I took one of each from the bag to show you here. 

The next bunch are pumpkins, cats and bats. (OH MY!) lol
I really like the bats, they remind me of the ones in Oogie Boogie's lair. 

I forgot to snap a picture of this bag, but I also got some of these, as well. They contained ghosts, bats and pumpkins. 

The next item I purchased was this Skeleton Ice Cube Tray. In truth, I am going to be using this to create Polymer creations with. Not Ice. But ice would be cool, too. lol

I couldn't pass these guys up. They look like Oingo Boingo skeletons in the Dead Man's Party video. 

Ain't he a cutie?

As I showed above--I also snagged both of these bags. Voodoo Heat & Cajun Dill Gator-Tators.
(I'm going to be making a separate post reviewing these chips for you! Look out for that soon!)

I also picked up some other stuff. Not really important, but important to me. I'm doing some fall cleaning. lmfao
You know I'm nuts when I get excited over cleaning products. hahaa

And I grabbed some beauty things. I needed more eyeliner and found this one. It came with a mini mirror, which is perfect for me since I'm always on the go. Also, it has a very pointy felt tip which allows me to get that nice sharp cat eye I love. The lipsticks were just something I saw and wanted, since Fall is around the corner--I usually opt for Maroon/Burgundy shades. I seen this one, which came in a two-pack. I ended up settling with a maroon shade and a very bratz pinky purple shade. I love them both! And, since we are buying the makeup, I thought I'd get some makeup removers, as well. Gotta keep that canvas clean! :)

Anyways, that is all I have for this mini haul and showcase. 
With Halloween around the corner, I'm sure I will be posting a lot more of these in the future.
If you love 'em, you will get 'em but if you don't--sorry, but I gotta get my spooky on! 

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