Sunday, September 29, 2019

🎪Captain Spaulding Inspired Makeup Look by Hannabal Marie🎪

 My inspired Capt. look~ 
"Howdy there, ladies and gents--freaks and geeks of all ages~
Are ya tired of life? Depressed? Does your minimum wage job get ya down?
Maybe your mama is pissed off that you left her basement door wide open for her favorite dog to shit in. It's easy Jimmy, after you wank one off down there playin' your D&D and Minecraft--you oughta make sure to close that damn door, ya dipshit! Now that ain't too much to ask, is it? 
Well, if a firm hand of the law don't scare ya...
Maybe a trip to see my famous murder ride will.
You like blood? You like guts? Does violence get ya off?
Then you oughta take a peek at Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men.
We got fish boy, girls who could use a good shave--
Mermaids who'll rip your balls off by the teeth and still born babies stuffed in glass jars.  
We got 'em all down here--so you come and visit, ya hear? And while you're at it--take home your mama some of my tasty fried chicken! Just say fuck it and grab yourself a bucket~ Bock Bock!"

Honestly, after hearing about the news of Sid Haig's passing--I didn't want to do anything but cry in bed. But something inside me told me to "get up off your ass and do something, girl" I'm dead serious. I like to think it was Sid telling me to do what I am "damn well good at" in honor of his memory. Instead of crying like a damn baby and letting him fade into the dark recesses of my own mind. I am still very sad, extremely actually, of his passing but to not do anything in tribute to him would be the biggest slap to his face. I loved him, as a muse and as a person capable of love. He may be gone but his laughter will forever live on through his movies.


Now, I feel this is good but it's not the best of my own personal best. It's a nice little inspired look but I know, deep down in the squishy parts of me, that I can do so much better for his tribute. I am planning on a few more inspired things as a tribute for him.

But for now, this will suffice until I'm done. Allow me to show you my clown~
"Don't cha like clowns? Aren't we fucking funny?"
You like violence? Freaks of nature?
"But most of all...FUCK YOU!"
^Following is a little clippy video I made for that one photo above^ 
I kept the original if flashy lights upsets you.
Watch at your own risk, remember--FLASHY LIGHTS WARNING!
I liked the pretty makeup but it needed more blood. So, I added more. lmfao
I really liked this shot. It was done in the bathroom. lmfao <3 

When I was just about finished with taking all my photos for this blog set post, my left eye started to tear up. Only one eye, which is right below the heart. Before I knew it, my makeup ended up looking like what I'm about to show you below. I like to think it was my soul crying for him, too. </3

I put both of the same image together and it made this creepy looking face thing. I love it! lol
I have been trying to stay calm but it's so hard. I really loved this fella. 
Goodbye, my Captain! 
That is all to show, folks. Just wanted to do something before his death gets swept up under the rug, as most people tend to do. Like a while ago we lost Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Prince--too but no one talks about them like they did when they first heard the news of their passing. All the support and all the love just vanished. Like it never happened. I don't want to have Sid Haig follow in that same sad path. I personally believe that when someone passes, we have to keep their memory alive by making sure they never become forgotten. Watch their movies, listen to their music, be inspired by their comedy or's all very important. You can stamp on the RIP's but it won't do shit but put a nice little mark beside their namesake. If you love something, you best better keep them alive! <3 

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