Monday, June 19, 2017

☠ Monster Wash Soap Review ☠ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a lovely review for a company called
Monster Wash Soap.

It's the home of the original, horror themed, collectible soap dispensers! 

From their website:
"Monster Wash was created as a fun, creepy, cool alternative to all the butterfly and clown fish designs that are currently flooding the market of most soap dispensers today. We're showing our respect to the horror, sci fi, and even tattoo styles and genre's of art for the folks that want something that fits more with their home decor and personality."

I was lucky enough to get one of their soap dispensers to have and own to my name.
The person behind the monsters contacted me and asked which design I wanted to have--after a few glances around my eyes landed on a creature I have always loved and obsessed over for a long long time.

Ladies and gents, I give you...
Suds of Cthulhu!

For around $8.00, you get a very nicely detailed and rather GORE-gous little soap dispensing bottle to prop inside your bathroom or on your kitchen sink, if you wanted to display it more out in the open. I decided to keep mine in the bathroom, to match the rest of my craziness. lol

Please Note: When you purchase yourself one, they arrived empty. You have to fill them with soap yourself. You are buying an empty bottle, more or less. But it's well worth the dollar amount!

The creator behind the name also was kind enough to send me some art designs as well. We got to talking and I addressed to him that I loved him art, so he sent some my way. I am actually really thrilled to have these--I plan to frame them in my room! The art style really calls to me! 

All in all, a very cute little trinket you would be proud to own!
Why settle for normality, right? hehe

If you'd like to purchase Suds Of Cthulhu, follow the link HERE
You can also find Monster Wash Soap on FACEBOOK and their WEBSITE!

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