Sunday, June 4, 2017

☂ Book Review: Rain--A Natural & Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett ☂

Hello ladies and gents
I have acquired quite a read a few months back, it's one that kept me flipping back and forth to reread passages and information over and over again. 

I have been fascinated by the concept of "Rain" ever since I was a child.
I used to dance in it, splashing my heels in puddles--just about everything was done in or around rain. 

I seen this book and knew it was a must-have and must-read as soon as my fingers planted on the pages. 

I was sent this book from "Blogging For Books" with it wrapped nicely, packaged so well!
Rain: A Natural & Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett is a book that you can't just read once.
It's rather a guide-book for reference or to further your educated mind about the histories and ideas behind something so mundane as a little rain!

Inside you will find just about everything associated with it. 
Deeply informative with all sorts of delicious mentions--From areas of the world that have flooded, to the ancient beliefs that the rain-gods needed human sacrifices to sustain life. 
My personal favorite among the many mentions would have to be in India where villagers extract the scent of rain from the monsoon-drenched earth and turn it into perfume.

Apparently, D. Hann packed my book! Thanks person!
From praying, worshiping, to even burning witches in the name of rain--this book has it all. 
It's much like she spent a good lifetime researching and building up a profile merely based on rain just to construct it all into a lovely coffee-table book to read. 

 A book of this magnitude, you'd think it would overflow and confuse the reader with a ton of intense facts--but I beg to differ. It's a type of read that allows you to coast between facts, sweetly and gently. Allowing yourself enough pause-moments to reflect and think on what you just learned. You will surely stop to wonder or think twice on a subject but it's not one of those books that will leave you guessing or scratching your head. 

Such a beautiful book, cover and all!
I truly am in utter love with this book. 
I thought I loved the look and even the scent of rain before, now I have a bit of reasoning behind my obsession. 
If you are a rain-lover, I highly suggest you give this book a glance over. 
You will be quite amazed with the end results.

If you'd like to purchase this book, follow the link HERE!
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