Monday, June 19, 2017

📖 Collective Book Haul (Strange & Abnormal Finds!) 📖 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
Today I bring you a collective book haul full of odd and strange book-finds!
This haul was collected over a few days (probably a few months, I'm not entirely certain!)
just randomly nabbed at certain stores or thrift shops, ect at certain times when I could.
I don't really collect just any  kind of book, it has to really call out to me or be super weird and freaky to the point of insanity for me to even want to bring it home.

Some ladies collect love novels while others collect history books about the World War...
I like to collect conspiracy theories, weird abnormal titles, UFO mentions, strange vintage titles, books about death/decay, morbid novels, books about abnormality and the like...Oh and sometimes I like to collect kiddy books, too. Just cause! lol

So, I think I said enough...
Let us get into this haul, shall we? lol

Thumbelina & Beauty and the Beast!
Like I said, I like to collect kid books as well.
Not just any kid books, but the ones I used to read as a kid.
I love Disney, Dr. Seuss, Goosebumps, ect.
The older and more bent/broken/ripped/damaged the book is--The better!
(I like destruction in my books. A little wear and tear gives a book character, something I really find appealing in my collection!)

Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery & The Witches of Eastwick!

 I found these two while going through some novels. Ghostly Galleries really looked amazing, the artwork looks absolutely delicious! The Witches of Eastwick was another I found--I've heard of this title before but never got my hands on it.

Murder Ink--The Mystery Reader's Companion.
 I'm huge on murder mysteries, so finding this was gold.
It's basically all the information you'd need to know about that said topic.
All written text, hardly any imagery but that' a'okay with me!

Dictionary Of Superstitions & The Pilo Family Circus (Uncorrected Proof Version)
 These two were nabbed almost in the same second. lol
I love love love superstitious mentions, so I had to have that dictionary full of 'em. I will definitely read and put this information to good use in future projects/arts/crafts/ect.
Pilo Family Circus was nabbed based on the name--not going to lie. Anything regarding a circus/clowns/carnivals/ect will be picked up and read...unless otherwise mentioned. lol 
Basically, it's about a circus full of murder--or what I've read from a few paragraphs.

H.P. Lovecraft 'Shadows Over Innsmouth' & The UFO Cover-Up

 Anything H.P. Lovecraft will be snagged, just because I love H.P's work to death.
and The UFO Cover-up looked very interesting, especially with the little mention of what the government won't say. Kinda curious about that one, truth being told. lol 

The Book Of Renfield & ZOO
 Renfield was purchased a long time ago, quite honestly. Just never said anything about the purchase until now, but I wanted to include it in this listing because the buying of this specific novel really started the wave of my compulsive need to buy more. lol but yeah, this book was an excellent read, I might have to write a review all it's own because it was extremely amazing for a fan-made novel. 

and ZOO is something that interested me upon reading the back. It's basically ten stories of horror and science fiction from Japan.

The Complete Book Of Coffee & The Whisperer In Darkness
 Another H.P. Lovecraft book--just a book of collected stories.
And a book about the WHOLE history involving coffee. From the good, bad and ugly. It's actually very interesting and kinda odd, in it's own unique way. 

Ghosts & Masterpieces Of Terror and the Supernatural

 I love ghosts and any mention of the paranormal, so you can understand why I'd pick these two up in a heartbeat. Who knows, if any are good--I might voice-over myself reading them for my YouTube channel. 

Agatha Christie 'Five Complete Hercule Poirot Novels' & 100 Creepy Little Creature Stories

 Agatha Christie has been my mother's favorite, so I was raised on the name.
Of course I'd pick it up, it's like I had it was a family member awaiting my arrival.
and the 100 Creepy Little Creature Stories just seems like a fun little read. 

House Of Leaves & The New Bedside, Bathtub, Armchair Companion To Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie because Agatha Christie.
But House Of Leaves was a purchase I made but I have read and seen this book beforehand.
Of course, it's one of those books you can't really "read" but rather "solve"...which is something I don't think I'll be able to do anytime soon considering all the scholars and teachers who have tried and gone mad doing so. lol I have seen and heard of this book and I even used to own it once upon a time--but I lost it...until now.
I love the insanity behind this book, it's definitely a great conversation starter. lol

Water For Elephants & St. Michael and the Angels

Just a few more nabs. I liked the cover of Water For Elephants, I will admit--I have no idea if it's going to be about what I think it will be about but who knows.
And St. Michael was picked up specifically for my brother, he (as well as I) is obsessed with stories and even the artwork of biblical characters. 

Samhain & Wuthering Heights

Samhain is just a cute little novel about the lovely time of the year with cute little recipes and superstitious stuff. From old traditions to witchy mentions--it has it all.
And Wuthering Heights is a novel I used to own but lost as well. I was pretty stoked to have found it at my local thrift shop! So, yeah...pretty glad to be able to reread it again!

And there you have it, the lot.
Some amazing, some confusing and some I have no clue what it shall be about...but all in all, some great finds. 

 Of course it will take me some time before I finish every last title but that is the thrill of life, right? lol
I'm just really excited to have something to look forward to. Again, this haul was something that was spread out over a course of a few days, some even months...just wanted to show the stuff I have under my roof. When and if I finish something worth finishing to the very end--I will update with individual reviews on this blog. I won't promise every single last one will be recorded here but the ones worth mentioning will surely be done! 

So, I shall leave you with this.
Until I post again or until I conjure up enough stuff to show you in another collective haul...
Have fun and keep keeping on~


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