Wednesday, June 21, 2017

❀ Antique Doll Haul // Hannabal Marie ❀

Hello, I'm back again with another haul.
This time it's just a bunch of strange, odd, abnormal and rather creepy looking dolls!
Where I find my stuff, you might say?
Well, loads of places--Thrift shops, Garage/Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Online retailers like eBay, Ect~

But I digress....
I love strange looking dolls, 
That dead stare--the cold facial expressions.
I love them so much!

I have a great haul for you guys today, 
especially those who like creepy dolls as much as I do!
I got some vintage plastic dolls, some puppets, so on and so forth...
So, here we go:
This is a VTG bed doll.
You basically keep her on the edge of your bed, because you're extra like that. lol
She, as you can plainly see, is one of those old plastic dolls that open/close her eyes when you tilt her back and forth.
She has glorious baby blues and she is propped up using a nice wooden block.
That keeps her standing up, nice and tall, on the edge of your bed.
I want to also mention that she is veryyyyy big. Photos don't do her justice but her dress alone is loooooong!
This next one was something I grabbed as soon as I seen his face.
I loveeeeee Charlie Chaplin--among a few other favs!
When I seen his mug inside that white box--I grabbed him without second thought.
Sidenote: It wasn't just a steal to have ONE of him, there was a second doll the very same inside as well. Just without pants.
I gave the second Charlie to my mom, to have as she pleases.
Inside the box, there was this little paper note.
As it clearly states--This charlie doll was a mistake, in a way.
Initially supposed to be made out of Paper Mache, my Charlie's were made from plastic!
I love him so much.
From his little walking stick to his cute little shoes!
The next beauty is this beautiful Spanish Bride Doll.
She is sooooo old, she's falling apart!
The paint on her face is slightly chipping and she is missing her flowers!
The lace is what sold her to me.
It's so vintage and beautiful!
I adore her headdress so much!
This was something I really wanted.
I know upon first glance she looks very ruined and kinda trashy
but she is one of the dolls I used to collect a lot of as a kid.
My mom had a ton of these Bradley dolls in her home and I just nabbed her up without question.
Something about the big eyes and teeny little dainty fingers sets it for me.
She is very damaged, as you can see but that will not deter me away.
I like destruction, as you are aware of--I'm sure!
Gawd, I love her so much.
I have no idea where I'll put her but I love her oh so much!
This puppet really spoke to me when I seen it.
Any puppet will do that but this one specifically because of the facial features and design.
I initially thought it was a type of 'Monkey King' because it looks to be one of them but I was sorely mistaken.
The lady selling her said it was a female--a monkey queen, of course but a girl.
It's. A. Girl.
Gahhhh! <3
And lastly, I got this little Bandit puppet for my dad.
He used to always tell me about how he had one JUST LIKE THIS growing up, but he lost it.
I remember specifically him mentioning the puppet holding a beer bottle and a pistol.
So, when I seen this guy, I took him up in my arms and never let him go.
Let me just say, my dad cried when he seen him because it was THE EXACT ONE HE LOST!
So crazy that I found him and so amazing that my dad got him back!
And folks, that is all to see for now.
Thanks for reading and viewing, I hope you enjoyed yourself.
I know I did, I love my stuffs so much! 


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