Sunday, April 1, 2018

Uzumaki's Azami Cosplay (Junji Ito "Spiral") // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
March 31st was our annual Grape City Con
and we were called last minute to attend. 

So, me and my brother had to pull something outta our arse 
and create something in the span of a full week.
So, since we just finished reading the Manga "Uzumaki", 
I thought that doing characters from it would only suffice. lol

I decided to tackle Azami, one of my personal favorites 
while my brother took on Sekino from the "Medusa" chapter.

I will update with photos of the actual con and of my brother's cosplay 
As well as an additional post all about preparation and the process of getting from one point to the next...
but for now, I am just posting my makeup look as a separate post all it's own. 

I handmade all the little bits, except for my clothing. I thrifted the clothes. lol
I also busted out my corset and tightened myself up! 
I really love the spiral pattern on this dress.
It was a dress that I used as a top. lol
The eyeball eye-patch was my favorite thing in the entire world to create.
The best part of this is that I can keep it forever and use it all over again. 
That is all. 
I hope I did Junji Ito justice. 

I am in love with my look. So very much in love.
I tossed on contacts last minute while I was out and about.
They started to hurt after a while, so I had to take them out but I got a few pictures with them in--so I'm happy. lol

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  1. This is such a great costume! How exactly did you make the patch? I’d love to do an Azami cosplay:)