Wednesday, April 11, 2018

GlowAmaze "Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask" Review // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I have a mud mask review for you today.
I wasn't going to post about it but skincare items are something I am passionate about--alongside makeup. 

As a self-proclaimed makeup artist, one must keep her canvas clean and healthy.
So, skincare related products such as face peels, toners, creams, tonics and facial masks are something I take great pride in doing on a laid back day. 

I have always had issues with large pores. 
I still suffer from this case on a regular basis and it takes a toll on my overall appearance and makeup application.
I have tried all types of skincare related items to help aid in this issue but nothing seems to have worked. So, when I see a product that is designed to help shrink large pores or minimize the overall appearance of them--I will gladly slather that product all over my face and not think twice on it. 

This Dead Sea Mud Mask from GlowAmaze is something else.

Upon first impression, I will not lie--it stinks.
Very bad. Like something the name can hold tightly on.
"Dead Sea" is the best representation of this product through scent alone.
It smells as if something crawled into the jar and died. Not even going to lie. hahaa

But once you get past the smell, the product itself works wonders for my skin.
I haven't seen extreme effects BUT the product has leveled out my redness and minimized some of my deep-set pores on my cheeks and nose.
The Amazon listing claims all kinds of promises--from cleansing, restoring, tightening and moisturizing. So, the benefits are there and it's enough to keep me slathering the stinky stuff on my face daily. lol

I can't say that the benefits are 100% showing up on my face but I have been stopped on the rare occasion and asked "how old are you?" from complete strangers and when I tell them that I am almost hitting 30, they laugh like I am lying. So, something must be keeping me youthful looking. Either that, or something is on my face and forcing these people to laugh at me. lol

Whatever the true reason it is for them to mock me and my skin, this stuff seems to be well worth the hype. Truly.
I am not going to sit here and play pretend like this product is god-sent but I will not lie about a product either. I really like anything Dead Sea related because not only does it sound scary enough for me to assume that it works but I have never been disappointed by a foul smelling item that didn't, at the very least, do it's job.

I really hate the large pores, but what ya gonna do? lol I can't stress it enough, these are so much SMALLER than how they USED to be. Trust me on this one. I should know, I lived in this skin for my whole life. lol

I mean, I ain't gonna keep smearing some stinky all over my skin if it didn't, at the very very least, keep up something for myself. lol

Please excuse the horrible brows. People always ask me "why do I shave 'em all off?" well, they only grow THIS much. I can't grow them out any more than this and I'd much rather shave them completely off than have them look this horrible. lol

I have seem a difference in my skin-tone, my skin feels a lot more firm and tightened. I also feel as if the product itself is sucking out all the bad extremities that plague my facial features. All this and more.

Should'a taken more pics of the actual product for you guys but this shall suffice for now.

I don't really know how reviews are supposed to go or if I am supposed to give a rating system but this is something to go check out and experience for yourself if you want.
It's what I have been using and I wouldn't change it for anything.
So try it, don't try it.
It's up to you. :)
(FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not being paid for anything. I wish I was but I ain't. It was a spurge out of pocket and I kinda have been obsessed and keep going back to make the same purchase. lol)

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