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Thrift Haul: Mannequin, Vtg Accordion & Angels // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Another lovely little haul for you guys today.
I am sorry for not frequently posting like I used to.
I can sit here and give excuses but I wont. haha
I just will say that I have been collecting
and putting things aside to create lovely posts for you all to see. 

For all those new who are just stumbling on this post--I want to introduce myself:
The name is Hannabal Marie and I'm a hoarder. lol jkjk

Actually, I like to thrift shop to such a degree that the thrill of "finding a good find" is so addicting to me that I have started posting my wares for the public eye because a few of my close friends and relatives are just as addicted to thrifting as I am 
and requested I do this as a huge haul--so, here I am obliging their command. hahaa

I get asked this all the time;
"What do you look for in items?"
And I can't properly give an explanation other than I like what most people hate.
I like finding the odd and unusual as well as the tacky and quite hideous.
(as someone pointed out to me once before! hahaa)
Anything really that would make a great photoshoot or go with any of my many collections;
Clown, vintage items, odd items and other. lol
I also own a record player, so old music is always great to collect, as well. lol

But enough chit-chat--you didn't come here to make conversation.
You came to gawk and gawk you shall. <3

I have so many great things today--from clothing to a lot of vintage items.
I hope you enjoy.
So please, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea 
and scroll through some of the junk I call treasures~

I am obsessed with the jewelry section of my local thrift shop. They always tend to have some large-as-life trinket. Like this gorgeous gold-toned rain cloud pin. 

I really love the look of rainy days--I always tend to gravitate towards things like this.
The little droplets have crystals inside them and they shine so beautifully. 

The next item, I actually found with the item below this image. I seen these gold-toned angels and knew they'd look great with the rest of my odd little house. 

As mentioned above, this was found with the chubby cherub. I actually got two of these specific angels that I placed with the chubby cherub alongside some paintings of biblical images. I really love religious artwork, despite my lack of religion itself. 

The next item I found was this teeny little duck figurine. It has seen some better days, with the eye being missing and it's quite fragile state. All in all, I really love him.
I actually have had this mannequin for a while and have been using it for a few makeup looks/fashion shoots. She has come in handy for a lot of things thus far. I am so glad I found her. Apparently, the thrift shop ordered one too many for their displays and was selling her off for a very reasonable price--seeing how I have always wanted a mannequin, I decided to take her off their hands. I am so pleased with the purchase because I love her so much. She shall be the start of many more in my near future. lol

Her beautiful face. So perfect! 

I took a few shots straight out of the box. I displayed her for a while and have kept her displayed in the house.
She gets a new change of clothing almost everyday and even moreso on special occasions/holidays. lol
Like here she is being a Rome Goddess. 
Next item I found was this old vintage female torso lighter. I don't smoke and really have no need for a working lighter but I still wanted her. She was something I've never seen before and knew I had to have my hands on. I got her for 75 cents and I couldn't be more happier. Btw--She also STILL works. lol

Next item I got was this blank white doll. I assume she is a pattern for constructing your own dolls but I will keep her as-is.
She just seems more creepy this way and I love it.

Next item, in the women's department with the hanging hand bags was this clock purse. It was sitting on the rail as if someone looked at it and changed their mind. I really love it and I have a ton of ideas for looks using it. The purse was also stuffed with that cute kawaii paper inside of it. 

It's still in great condition, so I'm happy. 

In the kitchen section, I found these silicone cupcake things. I instantly thought of Alice in Wonderland.
So, of course I took 'em. They came inside a plastic covering, but I took that off for the sake of this post. lol

Stacking them right up like the Mad Hatter. lol

Next item, was an item for my dad. He is related to the notorious Geronimo.
So, when I seen this WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY attached in a little baggie with tape, I knew he'd flip for it. 

The whole thing is quite heavy.
For around 7 dollars, I got this whole big thing. I am proud of it, actually. 

More pictures to show off the details. 

Details, details, details. 

Next item, this salt and pepper hat shaker set. I really love this little thing. The hats are adorable! :)
I own so many hats, so why not a hat shaker set, too? lol

Next things, these two pairs of sunglasses.
One reminds me of something futuristic and the other is a censor bar.

Next item, this cute little mini Bradley Doll.
I used to own sooooo many of these dolls once upon a time but lost them all due to moving and stuff.
So, I am trying to rebuild my own collection again.
Starting with this little lady. 

Look at the tiny feet on the tiny stand. 

More details up close. I really love her and all her kind.
I recreated the scene from King Kong.
Why? Because I wanted to. lol
Next "doll" I found was this cute little thing.
idk but the face sold me.
It also "cries" when pressed.
So very creepy but I love it so much.
This is an item my brother found for me with a blouse he surprised me with.
I included it because they both came from the same shop, so why not? lol
But ya, the first thing is this cute beaded shell-purse. 
More details to showcase this gorgeous purse. 
Quite the coincidence, because I also found a cute little clutch myself.
This one gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes.
The little mushroom closure is what did, actually.
So beautiful. 
My new mannequin is holding my new umbrella.
It's one of those puffy parasols and I love it so much! 

I tossed this umbrella into my cart as fast as I soon as I seen it.
I have wanted this type of umbrella for such a looooong time.
The pointy end bit is what makes me cry with joy. 

The fact that it's black and white is what made me melt.
I adore stripes and black/white.
This was meant for meeeeee! 

The blouse I told you my brother got me.
It's beaded and jeweled.
It matches the purse beautifully. 

Her the blouse is alongside the shell clutch.
They match so well together and look so divine.
I reallllllllly love the sleeves on this blouse. 

What I love about this blouse is that it can double as a jacket.
I love the sleeves, you don't understand--I LOVE THE SLEEVES! 
And the big BANG to end this post with--I FINALLY FOUND AN ACCORDION.
Not just any accordion, but one with a custom-made case. 
The case was a little damaged, which was why they sold it for nearly a steal.
(I paid 25 dollars for this whole thing in total! With a little help in haggling it down a bit! hahaa)
The case is so gorgeous. I actually really love the damage to it, if I am being honest. It gives the item character and a very beautiful history.
Upon opening the case, under the accordion, was all these inserts and music books/notes.
Not going to lie, the whole thing has to be sprayed with disinfectant because it was very musky.
It smelled like mold just a bit, due to age.
So, I had to give it some TLC. 
I sprayed the paper inserts as well, lightly.
Just so I wouldn't damage them, in case they were very old.
I let the whole thing air out for a solid day in my garage and the whole thing smells so much better now. 
Here are some of the contents inside:
1. 1946 "A Gal In Calico" Movie Sheet Music.
2. 1937 Karl Czerny OP. 599 "Practical Method for Beginners" Accordion Course Book.
3. 1937 Blue Danube Waltzes (Simplified Edition) Book.
4. 1948 Zordan's Easy and Rapid Piano Accordion Method (Bass Clef Edition) Book.
5. 1944 SWINGING ON A STAR from Going My Way Bing Crosby Sheet Music.
6. 1939 Zordan's Piano Accordion Junior Method (Bass Clef Edition) Book.
7. Vintage 1943 "Accordion Hit Parade" Music and Song Book by Lawrence Welk.
The next set:
2. 1937? Book Of Sheet Music. (?)
3. Vintage 1938 Paul Miners' Piano Accordion Method, Lessons 1-15
4. Lady of Spain 1931 vtg antique Song Sheet Music
5. Evelina (1944) "Bloomer Girl" Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg
6. 1943 I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You), Featured in "A Guy Named Joe" Sheet Music
7. 1942 Piano Accordion Sheet Music #13 Barbara Polka by Floyd Marvin
9. Book of notes with the name "Marilyn Weber" (and an address) scribbled on the front.
10. There Goes That Song Again (1944) "Carolina Blues" Jule Styne #4995
11. 1937 Civic Light Opera "Rio Rita" Music Sheet. 
Alongside the sheets of music, I also found these programs and notebook. (also a ton of loose papers everywhere!)
The programs are all from the same place:
The Civic Light Opera Association of Detroit, Inc. 
This notebook was full of hand-written script by a woman named "Marilyn Weber" 
Here are a few of what I found when I opened the notebook. 
A better look at the cover. 
Also, she was creating her own music inside.
With coffee rings staining the pages.
So beautiful! 
More of the notebook and contents. 
And now for the main event--The actual Accordion.
I really fell in love with the overall look of this beauty. 
She is a black/white marble. With gems and jewels all encrusted in the instrument.
All the keys still worked and all it needed was a good cleaning.
But all in all, the looked as if the owner took good care of her and kept her inside this case for a long long time.
She is so beautiful. Just look at her! 
This is a beautiful Vintage Starck Italian Accordion.
Made with Mother of Pearl and Rhinestones. 

As you can see, she is still in great condition.
The bellows were perfect, everything about her was perfect. 
I'm just so happy I got my hands on my own beautiful accordion.
And what a beauty she is.
It's like she was made just for me, we mirror each other so well.
I am so in love with her, I can't even begin to explain it. 

And that is all for this post.
I am still collecting more items, I got a few more things--like clothes, shoes and dolls.
But this is a long post as it is and I need to gather some more to form a proper post for the next one.
So, until we speak again or until I decide to post.
I hope you enjoyed your stay. 

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