Sunday, April 8, 2018

Thrift Haul: Tom Waits Postcards, Antique Music Dolls & A Vtg Wedding Gown // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I come bringing another lovely haul for you guys and gals.

This post will showcase some amazing finds, such as:
A vintage wedding dress, Tom Waits postcards, Antique music dolls and fitted T's. 

Enough with pointless blabber.
I will just jump right into the showing. 

I found all of these inside an envelope.
Some are a little tattered and torn but most seem to be in great condition.
Real Gone is the one with the most nicks and tears.
But I'm very glad I even have it to my name. 

The backs of these postcards. 

Another find was this cute little jester.
He is such a beautiful pattern and color--brown with rose gold.
As you can see from the tag, he is from Germany. 

He is so cute.
With little bells and everything.
I'm always frequently checking the jewelry section and this time I found some nice pieces of jewelry--like these pair of earrings.
They remind me of grapes. 
They are pretty big, compared to my hand. 

I love blind bags and this time I got all the above in a grab bag from my local thrift store.

Inside the bag, I got these little miniature items.
Including little white rabbits and some tables/chairs.

Next thing was this little part of a shadow box.
It comes with cards and a jaw bone.

Next thing was this cute little dolly.  
And last, was this cute little ceramic mushroom cap.
Like I said, I found some awesome pieces of jewelry--like this hat lady watch pendant. 
I really love the look of this brooch. 
As far as oddity is concerned--I found this strange naked lady flute.
You basically blow into her feet and press on her boobs, hands and bum to play her.
Strange and so unique. 
The next item I found was this set of vintage plates. 
I really loved the faces, so gorgeous and glam. 

Next in the list is another topsy turvy doll.
I got a similar topsy turvy dolly a while back, she was Little Red Riding Hood but this time I found myself a Snow White.
She comes with the 7 dwarfs, as finger puppets! 

Flip her inside out and she becomes the evil witch!
So clever and I absolutely adore these types of dollies~ 
The next item I found was this little witch and her pumpkin babes.
Tbh, I didn't know what this was--I was intrigued by the old box.
What a great surprise to find her inside. 

She is made out of a odd material I am unfamiliar with.
Very thin and paper-like.
Her babes are made out of corn husks. 

As far as clothing is concerned--I found this vintage Labyrinth T-shirt. 
I love this movie and David Bowie is King, always!
So, I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it. 

Next item was this beautiful "Strange" T-shirt.
They wanted a HUGE $12 dollars for this single shirt, so I talked them down to $5. 

I love this shirt, very much.
But I wasn't going to spend $12 on a thrift shirt.
Good gawd, no.

Now, THIS shirt...I would have sold my kidneys for. lol
Newman is my favorite character from Seinfeld. 

I found this Vintage Moschino AIDS waistcoat, new with tags. 
My brother is obsessed with Moschino and finding something like this at a thrift store was such a great find.
I did have to pay a nice $20 for this, since it was "name brand" but it was well worth the penny. 
It's still in perfect condition and my brother LOVES it.
Next item I have been eyeballing for a while.
Every time I go to my thrift store, I always see it bunched up in some corner, hanging off a hook.
This time, I decided to own it.
It reminds me of the dress Lily wore in Legend. 

I am SO GLAD I decided to make the purchase because it is SO DAMN beautiful. 

This is the bottom, as much as I could get on camera.
(As well as some details of the dress!)
The trail is HUGEEEE.
It slits in the back, to reveal your shoes.
It's detachable and everything. 

I was stunned by the dress as it already was--but the headpiece took my breath away. 

The veil has pearls all inside it.
As well as old bits of bird seed, I assume someone threw at the bird on her big day.  

My Fair Bride made such a beautiful masterpiece by creating this dress.
Just look at the sleeves. 

A big bow is located in the back, the back is cut with such a cute design.
Buttons and pearls and all sorts of glittery glitz covers the front.

More details because this dress deserves it.  

Just look at the whole thing together.
I just want to walk around town in this dress forever.
I love it so much!
I have sooooo many plans for this dress, I promise you.
I already used the veil in a few makeup shoots as it already is. :)

This is the next item I found hanging off a hook.
I didn't really know what it was, but the sequins and beads sold me right away. lol
I later found out it was some beautiful piece of tapestry.
It will go great with the rest of my caravan items. 
This was quite the find, if I do say so myself. 
She was hanging from a plastic string around her neck inside the thrift window. 
Apparently, the sales clerk told me that she "knew" I would grab her as soon as I saw her, so she left her out for me to see. 
I can't believe I have become a "regular" at a few thrift stores now. Hahaa

I was stunned when I found this big lady.
She is plush in the torso but her head is made out of porcelain. 
I had to use my light box to try to get her in her full glory.
She is sooooo big. 

Minor creaks and dents made her only $8 dollars.
Which I will not complain about, at all.
Like I said and will always say--damage creates character for me.

Her face paint was gorgeous.
She has a cute little mole by her lips, too. 
Here I am showing how big she is compared to my hand. 
Next doll I found, which was my first "musical" doll I was happy to find at my thrift store was this CATS doll.
Miss Kitty. 
When you spin the key, she plays "Memory" 

I really loved the paint job.
I have a bad obsession with musical items.
A musical doll is now a new obsession of mine.
Mixing two of my favorites as one.
Just look at the details. 
Just when my finds were already great as it was--I found ANOTHER musical doll.  

The colors of this specific doll is what caught my attention. 
But I am in love with her little dainty hands. 
She was a little more pricier.
For $9 and some change. 

Side profile.
I also found this cute little pink clownette.
She, just like the rest, came with tags as well. 
All that ruffle and ribbon.
Her paint work is marvelous. 

Here are some details to this little lady. 
Another $9 dollar doll.
I just had to have her, I really did. 
They were together at the shop and now they are together in my home.

Here is a mini clip of my doll playing her music. 

And the last item I found was this little girl.
She was inside one of those plastic thrift bags, inside the kid doll section.
I love her big hands and the fact she has "New Orleans" etched on her forehead with ink. 

And that is all for now.
I hope you enjoyed this haul.
I hit the jackpot with these musical dolls and all the clowns.
I am just so happy, beyond words.
I will be using all of these items in future makeup looks/fashion shoots.

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