Sunday, April 1, 2018

Grape City Con 2018 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
March 31st was the annual Grape City Con
and as such, we attended with bells and whistles on. lol

We only had a weeks notice and tossed something together with what we had laying around.

So, since me and my brother both finished Spiral, The manga from Junji Ito--
we thought we'd both go as characters from it. 

I have already posted my makeup look in full detail on this blog, 
so if you haven't seen that can click HERE to check it out in better detail. 

But basically, I went as Azami aka that one weird eyeball girl. lol

"She was one of those pretty, reserved girls..."

My brother went as Sekino from the Medusa chapter. 

...AT ME!!!
My mom as a female MIB with her Pug companion. 
My dad doing his alien capturing. lol
We had a lot of fun turning heads and upsetting the norm. lol
It was actually one of the best feelings, walking around and seeing people either smile from ear to ear for cosplaying their favorite OR run in the opposite direction out of fear. 
Both reactions pleased me greatly. hahaa

Anywho, onto the actual Con.
I am still waiting on a few more photos to surface and if I find any new ones, I will add them to this post as I see fit. Just so I can have an archive of everything in one post rather than scattered around my blog. lmfao

But moving the CON:

Our bracelets to get into the Con. 

I took a few clips from the Con. 
Nothing HD or great, but memories nonetheless. 

Snapping people and things. 

One of the artist booths with such beautiful portraits. 

Another artist booth with a red geisha demon lady I WANTED SO BAD. 
The other side of this booth in better detail. 

Me being me. lol
Stopping to pose and turn heads. lol
Another shot of ME. lol
I really liked the eyeball spiral in this pic. 
My mommy as a female MIB.
With the pug from the movie. hehee
Me and mommy. 
I love getting people's first initial facial expressions in stills.
It tells so many stories in one single glance. ;)
More humans.
Hugging humans and a Mr. Strange. 
The entrance and the exit. hehee
The place where people go to munch. 
My brother looking down at me. lol
So many different buildings full of so many different things to look at. 
Me and my mom sitting and waiting for our drinks.
I was also trying to keep my skirt from riding up on me. hahaaa
The food stand with so many hungry humans.

My brother posing in front of some haters. lmfao
I told my brother to hold out his arms in front of the crowds...and he did. lmfao

More people with my horrible camera quality shots. lol

I should be the model for Sprite soda cuz I loves it. lol

We decided to go back into a few buildings to make sure we didn't miss anything. 

Another look at this lady's artwork because it's beautiful. 

My brother stealing my image without my consent. lol

More detailed up-close shots of this art because it shouldn't go unnoticed. 

Another artist booth we missed. Lovely. 

My dad was making this fella laugh hard. lol

More humans. 

Nice cosplay!!! :'3
I really wanted to make sure I got my brother's hair in so many images because he spent for-fucking-ever on it.
He deserves all the picture shoots! haha
BISHOP! He was my ultimate favorite.
I freaking adore the classic Bishop! 
More stuff to be sold. 
Another lovely cosplayer. She was such a sweetheart. 
More arts!
My personal favorite three people ever.
The attention to detail and everything was really on point.
I absolutely adore Old School Marvel!!! 
So much to look at, so little time.
Came for the art, stayed for the Zero figurine. lol

Two adorable cosplayers. 

Just a random shot of the place. 

The view in front of us. 

Kane was in the house. lol

The booths were starting to take down their wares. 

FNAF cosplayer.

More shops, more people.

Power Ranger Panel was closed. :'( 

More cute stuff I wanted but didn't need. lol

Snow white. 

The Joker. 

Booker T was one of the many special guests!!!!!!
Can you dig it? Because I sure as hell can!!!

More stuff. 

Outside again.

Going out in the back, to watch a wrestling match my dad was crying about. lol


1....2.....3 *ding ding ding*

More more more people.

Snow white and my dad barking. lol

Me and my brother sitting on the sidelines watching the fight. 

Got bored midway through and decided to pose for more shoots. lol

More posin'. 
And more. lmfao
And before we left, we took some MORE images behind this beautiful large bush thing. 
Brother strutting his stuff. 
 And that was pretty much everything. 
My camera died before I could take any last minute pictures for this blog 
but I think I snapped enough to make a post with. lol

We did end up purchasing a portrait from one of the artist booths. 
I had my eyes on that beautiful red geisha I seen earlier in the walk around--so we went back and got her. lol
Isn't she lovely? The lady at the booth gave us a plastic covering to keep her mint and nice.
Art by: Megan E. Risk
Find her art on:

Have a picture of my parent's captured alien pod thing for their MIB costumes. lol
Anywho, that is all.
I hope you liked what you seen.
I can't wait for next year. :)

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