Monday, April 9, 2018

Thrift Haul: Dead Animals, Human Hair Doll & Wooden Kitty Cats // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I hope you are excited for another haul post. 
Because I know I am.
Finding all these wonderful things has been quite a riot
and I am just happy and quite thrilled to be able to show them to you today.

Anyways, before I get to the meat and bones of this post
I want to address a question I was asked in my facebook inbox the other day.
(for those unaware, I share my posts on my facebook fan page~)
A friend of mine asked;
"How is it that you find all these awesome things at once?"

She basically wanted to know how I am so "lucky" to have found half of what I have for all these frequent posts.
The answer is simple: I don't.
At least, not all at once. lol

I actually have a big tub in my room that I let pile up with thrift items until I am able to put things away. But before I put them away, I take photos of them and pile them into a folder on my laptop.
Before long, I have several different folders full of sets to which I categorize and post accordingly.

So, some of the things I find in the span of a week. Other things will take longer.
A single day could give me an armful of finds while other days I will only nab one tiny thing.
It really depends on the day and what is there when I check out my store.

Also, we have quite a few thrift stores on the block.
Perhaps even one on every corner, more or less. hahaa
It also helps that I work at a very huge one, so I get first dibs on the good stuff when and if I see it fit. 

but ya, thought I'd answer this publicly--in case anyone else is wondering, as well. 

Now, onto the next set of items for you all to see today! 
Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by dead animals/taxidermy/vintage fur and other odd specimens--please, click away. Some of the items today will showcase just that. Just a warning!  

I have a huge obsession when it comes to items like these.
My mother owns quite a few to her name, so whenever I see them--I always try to grab them.
This little trinket box is so elegant and classy. 

I tried my best with snapping some images of the top of the case for you all to see.
It's 3D with little cork artwork inside a glass casing.
Very reflective and so very gorgeous. 

The inside interior is a satin finish. With little dainty flower pedals gracing the insides.
You can pull the bottom drawer open, to store your jewelry or coins.
Whatever you'd like, really. 
Next to the above box, I also found a slightly smaller one with the same artwork on the top of the lid.
It was quite a lucky day for these kinds of objects.

Same cork art, same red satin insides.
Same gold-toned key lock.
It is so beautiful. I really love the miniature cork art on the top. 
As I warned in the beginning--I also found some dead animal related products.
I don't condone in the sport for personal pleasure but I do, however, have a soft spot for vintage finds. 
I feel so bad just looking at it but it's quite the strangest find I have ever came across in my local thrift shop.
Red jeweled eyes, head opening up to hold your contents.
It's so unusual yet all of my curiosity. 

Before people jump on me about something like this, please note that I did NOT kill this animal myself.
It was a vintage find that I couldn't pass up. I love animals so damn much, and them being dead doesn't stop my love for them. With all that being said--if I didn't purchase it, someone else would have and they might not have taken proper care of the item like I would. Not trying to toot my own horn but in my little hometown, I feel like I am these types of things "saving grace". Alongside my clowns, as well. Not trying to be sassy but people around here would much rather toss things like this in a trash bin--which irks me so much. This animal did not die for no reason. At the very least, show the item some respect and be proud to own it. And I am! 

More details. It also had a little "Hecho En Mexico" tag inside the pocket. 

Next items I found were these little shell people. I found one a long time ago and quite honestly, I have been on the look out for more for such a long time. They are so corny and so goofy...I love them so much! 

This one is called: "Shell Rider" Because the shell guy is sitting on top of a tortoise...
Made of shells. lol
More detailed image shots. 
These little guys are playing a game of pool on top of a genuine piece of Abalone. 
More details for ya.
"Made In The Philippines" 
Next item I found was this cute little pink trinket box.
Handmade and so lovely.
I am obsessed with all things either religious or Frida Kahlo. 
So beautiful. I'm in love with the attention to details. 
I was very excited to find some more of these guys again.
I found another set of these preserved butterfly coasters.
All of which I didn't have, so they complete my set. 

People will laugh but I have wanted these sitting cats for a while.
Idk why, but something about these really sparked my interest since I last seen them floating around on the internet.
Nothing screams "Crazy Cat Lady" quite like these little wooden fishing kitty cats. 
The deadly stare is what sold me on this little guy. 
Quite honestly, what really sold me was the fact they came two in one.
I got two kitties and both are adorable. 

This next item is a bit odd but odd is what I love so damn much.
For those who don't know, I will tell you--I have a oddity cabinet and it's growing by the numbers.
So, to go with the rest of my strange finds...I found this doll...made out of human hair. 
To be quite frank, I am thinking she is made out of a human hair wig/toupee but strange all the same. 
She is actually quite big and I love that fact about her.
Oh and if that didn't freak you out--the base is made out of some old vintage roll of toilet paper. lol

The next item I grabbed as soon as I saw it staring at me was this beautiful wooden sun box.
It's a decent sized box, I can store some incense cones in it or something. Lovely.
*please excuse my horrible nails. they are growing out and are in that ugly, stubby stage. lol

More random finds I found inside a blind grab bag.
Did I mention I LOVE blind grab bags? I love finding surprises inside each one.
This is today's grab bag bunch. 

A random glass stand. I don't know what it's used for but I will find a use. 

The sole reason I grabbed this bag, was because I saw this peeping through the rest of the junk. lol
It's a little glass dome full of dried butterflies and flowers.
So very fragile to the point one of the butterflies are falling apart, but I shall take good care of this beauty. 

Another find--Bumble Bee photo frame.
I love love love this little guy.

Some random assortments of wicker boxes and containers.
One in particular still holds some dried flower particles inside. 

A random little starfish photo frame.
I also need and love frames, so great find inside the bag as well. 

More items--a random heart art piece and a little gold bottle of something I don't really know. lol

I really love the painted splatter effect of the Buffalo.
I don't really know what this is for or for what reason or means to which to hang this lovely trinket but art is my passion and I love anything art related. Thanks Dean Crouser, for the design and hard work. 

And the last item in the grab bag--this gold bottle of gold flakes.
It has a little miner guy on the top.
You shake it up, to watch the little flakes roll around in the liquid. 

So tiny and it looks great inside my mom's cabinet.
She is obsessed with all things associated with The Gold Mine/Rush. 

The little guy is very detail on top.

In the toy section, I found ANOTHER rainbow clown plush.
I just wanted to show you the new plush alongside one I already owned.
I already had the little clown one, but the big one is new.
Two different shops but the same style and design. I'm speechless. :)
The big guy is so fluffy and plush. 

Size comparison to my hand and to the littler dolly.
I have a little problem with clowns, not gonna lie. lol
I love them so damn much, it's becoming quite sickening
to the point I will purchase any and every clown I can.
Next blind bag, I nabbed before I left because I saw the plate holder and needed one.
Didn't see the rest of the items until I brought it home and ripped the bag open. 
First finds, these little Salt & Pepper shakers made in Japan. 
I really love the paint being chipped off of these guys.
So adorable. 
The reason I grabbed the bag--the plate holder.
Idk I just really wanted a holder. I have a gorgeous Halloween themed plate I needed to display and this looked Halloweeny enough with it being all black and all. 
Next find--This cute little ceramic mother/daughter figurine.
I gave this to my mom, of course.
To go with the rest of her Victorian items. 
The last item I found--this tin angel.
Gonna go straight into the Christmas Ornament box. 
I also got this cute little Alpaca doll with tags.
It's from The World Market. 
In the display case, next to the cashier desks, I seen this little guy peeking out.
My dad loves items like this, so I knew he'd love him.
I don't know what he's used for but from the fact he is carrying dumplings and has holes in his head--I am assuming you put your chopsticks through his head for storage? idk

More angles for details.
Next best find--this set of portraits for 95 cents each stack. 
They are very thick and they give off a "shadow box" feel. 
Idk I couldn't pass them up.
Much too gaudy and much too perfect. 
From some place called "Beauty for the Home" Sungott Art Studios, NY. 
More details. I love them so much.

The people are actually made of a very hard metal. Adhered to the wooden base.
Heavy for a small painting, but well worth my coin.

Beside the painting stacks, I also found this cute chunky little pig.
Again, 95 cents. I couldn't pass that face up.
It is eerie and scary in of itself--like someone's prized pig. 

The back of the pig painting. Don't know why this was so cheap but the painting has even been autographed.
It's astounding and I love it so much.

I did happen to find a few articles of clothing and accessories--like this gorgeous purple hat with huge pink rose and feather. 
Very Joker-esqe or elegant pimp. lol

And the last hat--this red bonnet of sorts.
It gives me Victorian-Gotta-Make-It-To-Titanic Vibes. lmao

As far as clothing is concerned--I found some pieces.
Like this black and white dress.  
Still with tags, as well.
I love the straps and flowly feeling this gives when worn.
Alongside the dress, I also found this skirt. 
Also, complete with tags.
Properly never worn until now. haha
This one, unlike the dress above, is more of a cream-colored.
Off-white shade. 
Next dress I found, which I am so freakin' happy about finding--
Is this beautiful flapper gown. 
Just the attention to details.
Look at that beaded shoulder pads.
The next thing I found was this huge beautifully tacky poker shirt.
I really loved this and couldn't pass it up.
I have a thing for "ugly sweaters" 
Some more details.
Like the buttons and little beaded heart on the back. 
The next dress I found was this beautiful satin dress with puffy sleeves and a HUGE trail. 
Look at that detailing. It color shifts from green to a light purple.
Also, the trail is soooo long I had to wrap it around my mannequin's arm. 

And the last dress I found was this beautiful black/red vintage gown from B. G. B. 
I love stripes sooooo much. So damn much!! 

That is all for now.
I hope your coffee cup has run on empty by the time you reached this far.
I also hope you enjoyed your stay.
I will see you again, in my next post! 


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