Thursday, October 15, 2020

Witchy Review: Gh0stP0nyGoods Custom Herbal Apothecary Spell Jars!

Hello ladies and gents

For my birthday this year, my mother got me some custom spellwork jars from a company called Gh0stP0nyGoods. A quick scroll through their Etsy page shows that Gh0stP0nyGoods is about the occult and the *natural* lifestyle also known as "vulture culture" to some people. (recycling materials, scavenged animal bones, herbs, etc.) Definitely my cup of tea...err, coffee?! 
I'm a big lover of all things witchy and curio--being that my blog here consists of all forms of both of those things--I knew I had to dedicate a post solely on these beautifully crafted bottles.
Packaging is a huge thing for me. Now, don't get me wrong--something doesn't have to have all sorts of bells & whistles to make me love it...but it's quite nice to see a beautifully put together package that not only represents the brand but also makes you feel a bit special about receiving it. Gh0stp0nyGoods did all of that and more with their cute ghost-themed wrappings and little silver charm!
I can't get over how cute the box that this little package was shipped in. Around all four corners of the box itself, cute little ghost doodles were marked out. Let me just tell ya, it was very hard for me to toss out the box! haha
Tearing through the tissue, I noticed the handwritten words the bottles had etched on them.
Protection, Spiritual Growth & Peace. All of which I definitely needed at this specific point in my life. *And still very much do!*
All of the bottles have been capped & sealed.
Apparently, everything inside has been cleansed before/after prior to decoration. 
To ensure positivity and stop accidental "bad vibes" that can sometimes arise from transporting from one place to the other.
The Protection bottle has a small "Egyptian Eye/Evil Eye" charm enclosed around the rim. Spiritual Growth has a feather & Peace has Buddha

Looking closely at each bottle, I noticed a lot of crystal shards. Definite herbs. Rosebuds & Resin! I also seen small glitter stars and pink salt. Also, Snapdragon buds, too.
Whether you want to believe this stuff works or not, is entirely up to you. I, however, DO!
The power of intention is real and it's all around us. The sudden impulse to ask that cute girl out. That positive feeling that "you will do great" to pep you up before a massive job interview. That feeling of "just wait & see!" as you strive to prove your peers wrong. The small habits you take in order to function as a human. The small rituals you make up to go about your day, everyday...all of it is real & powerful! It doesn't matter if you place your belief in some cross or in a a dollar store brand trinket or some wallet hole burning item from fuu fuu & fifth. Whatever you wish to believe, you'll make it real by believing in it enough to form the reality that grants you the power of belief. Some call it Fools Luck or some game of chance...I call it manifestation of intention! And that small bit makes everything so much more powerful. In the words of Tom Waits; "Turns kings into beggars..and beggars into kings!"

I'm sorry I got off track, but definitely wanted to add that because I see this kind of negativity all the time. Especially in the witchcraft community. (Moreso, even!) You'd think witches would come together and form a strong bond--NOPE. One witch is mad about another witch. Mostly based on whose craft is worth more than another. Pointing fingers and mocking fellow witches based on materials obtained. Live & let live. Vivre et laisser vivre. 

These bottles are definitely going into my cabinet of curio & delight. Where I collect all sorts of witchy trinkets that are handmade with love and care. (Handmade is better, imo!) Gotta collect to make the cabinet stronger, it's growing in numbers & I definitely need it in my life. )o(

So, to end this review (well, more of a show-and-tell!) I think these little bottles are well worth the price point. I'm quite happy (and proud) to have them in my collection!

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