Friday, October 23, 2020

💀Spirit Halloween, Big Lots & Home Depot--2020 Halloween!💀

The pumpkin suit jacket thing was especially dazzling.

Hello ladies and gents, I have another Halloween themed post for you all.
I couldn't possibly let Halloween 2020 slip by without taking a journey to these few places before they close down completely. Especially Spirit Halloween, among the few mentioned here. Honestly, the last two were just down the same path back home, so I thought;"Why Not?" lol

This is just going to be a peek into the store, to show you what they had to offer this year. Just to experience what everyone else got to witness weeks ago. (haha) I couldn't make any purchases, price tags were just too high for me to commit. What I CAN do is pretend I bought everything in these photos, though--so, there's that! lol
Anywho, Let's check out Spirit Halloween
First impression from walking into the store--"Damn, our town is messy!" lol
A lot of clothing off the hooks, masks tossed around...
looked a lot like my bedroom in High School. lmfao

Pennywise, The DaNCiNG Clown.
Some classic Jason vs Freddy stuffs.

Some pretty cool signs and street plaques.
Classic Pennywise Clown socks sitting all alone on a hook.
I'm so very sorry for the quality of these images, but these were the best I could do.
The damned place was pretty dark, my brightening was turned all the way up, too.
Even so, it still looks pretty wonky. lol
Some devil masks and horns.

Down a lonely aisle way~

Day of the Dead stuff.

More Day of the Dead stuff.

Groovy, Baby.

When I was a child, I wanted to be "A Disco Diva"
(or so that's what the Walmart costume said!) My mother bought me the costume, I tried it on and cried my little heart out. Apparently, in my child-like brain...I thought that my body...the chubby little 6th grade kid frame that I had...was going to be identical to the model portrait on the front. Long story short, it was a sad Halloween that year as yet again ANOTHER Vampire/Witch thing for the 100000th time. lol I really wish companies would stop making the fronts of these costumes so "picturesque." They aren't fooling me now...I know that the "Feathered Headband" is just a pathetic strip of wonky felt attached to a few plastic feather pieces they probably hot-glued from a dollar store.

Creepin It Real

Let's get physical. physical.

Pimp or Simp...choices, choices.

Some good o' bling bling blang blung.

That fake money, doe.

Nice looking hat, not gonna lie. I don't need more hats, someone stop me. lol

mmmm handcuffs, daddy.

Po Po Lice

Tats & Bandanas

Cogs & Dongs

Hahaha Trump.

Laughing Jack & Scarecrow 

I need like every single ones of these vintage halloween masks!!!

I loved this pumpy umpy umpkin

Hahaha Trump

Me, if I don't get coffee in the morning.

Me, after coffee. 

Dr Plague, Hello~ 

I wanted this boy, I really did.

The baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. lol

"Real Moving Mouth Mask"

I loved this one, too.

Bloody socks!

Some stickers & magnets.

And the clown section before we left. I couldn't forget the cute little wall art~
Look a lot like my bedroom right now. hahahaa <3 

Okay, you seen what they had to offer at Spirit...So, let's check out Home Depot. 
I had to check this place out because I've heard soooo many good things about their "new decor"
So, let's see it for ourselves...

Just look at all those inflatables! 

Ghost lady doing her thing, looking real spooky in that Jack Skeleton makeup~ hehee

The radioactive can reminds me of that Sour Candy I used to eat as a kid. lol

Some spooky decor.

Okay, the classic horror monster thing was definitely my cup of tea! 

Some pumpkins & stuff

Eyeball Pumpkin

Big o' skull headed boy.

I wanted these two things sooooo bad. (among many of the other things, not gonna lie!) 

About this time, I was crying...I wanted the plush, the globe, the hand, the pumpkins. lol

Look at the Bride of Frank plush!!!!!!!!

Inside the pumpkin & me inside the haunted mirror.

Frank decided to show up, because I was checking out his bride too much. Sorry, guy! lol

The haunted animated dude just wanted a hug! 

The display don't lie.

The dragon moved it's wings. I wanted the big o' Frank! 

Cutie ghost girl

More Franky stuff.

I'm so in love with the whole "Mad Scientist" look. AHHHH

More frank/bride stuff.


We all just stopped to play some Simon Says! 
Look at those kiddies pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Home Depot had it going on this year!!!!!
So far, out of the two I visited thus far, Home Depot was the top tier of my list of coolest shops for Halloween 2020~

Going home, on our way...we seen Big Lots beckoning me to check them out. 
So, we did just that. Why not? I wanted to see if everyone bought all the cool shit I couldn't a few weeks ago. 
Some left overs on the shelves.

The Halloween Switch was actually pretty cool. The pillow, too.

The kids have reduced since we last seen them.

Ash was here, wasn't he? Groovy, baby~

Some stuff I didn't see until now.

And more stuff I didn't see until now.

And there was that--three places full of stuff I didn't buy for one reason or another. Honestly, I wasn't too excited about most of the decor selections. Just the same tired and tried concepts--IT, Sam from Trick R Treat, Vintage Halloween, so on and so on. How many things can you make look like a red balloon in some petty attempt to slap IT the clown's logo on? How many times will they make sexy costumes about the movies we love? For F*&^ sake, they had a "Sexy Sam" from Trick R Treat costume. Let that sink in. A SEXY Sam. Sam is how old? WHY IS HE SEXY? AHHHH!!! Not that anything wasn't cute or worthy of collection but nothing where I forced myself to count pennies to obtain! lol
I will admit, a few of the items were really want-worthy but seeing the empty shelves in a few weeks wouldn't hurt me. I'm not soaking in some woe-drenched sorrow about not snagging the last item. I'm not sad or full of some shame for not pawning off my ovaries to earn extra dollars in the name of said purchase of thing or's just meh. Cute but meh. I do, however, like the masks. I must give them that. Some of the masks, despite their dollar point, were actually gut-wrenching to walk away from!

All in all, I'm just glad I got to see everything before Halloween 2020 was over. This is going to be our first HallowQuaratine, so it gots to be special! lol

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