Monday, October 12, 2020

Quick Clown Costume, Whirl-o Fortune Spinner Game & MORE--99 Cent Store & A quick Thrift Trip!

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.
I hope spooky szn has been going great for you. I'm a little late in posting because life has been quite chaotic but I could never ever miss spooky szn! 

Today I went to the 99 cent store and grabbed a few goodies I thought was cute. 
Stuff I could add into my small growing collection & other things.
I have a TON of projects in the works. A few I have already finished *yet to be seen here, just wait!* and a few more I am starting on as we speak.

So, without further delay...let's get into the spookiness~

As is the custom every year--Vintage Halloween is always abundant. I grabbed a few goodies before anyone else snagged them up! *they always sell so damn fast!*

I seen this little Whirl-o Fortune Telling Game sitting all by itself, and knew I had to own it.
The style is definitely Vintage Halloween. Which is what I loved so much.

One negative I will say about the Whirl-o is that almost all of the "fortunes" are good. I would have loved some "bad" ones, too. Like "Oh uh, you turned into a cat!" or something. lol

The attention to detail is very nice. The dancing black cat with the pumpkin man really gives off that old school style so much! I love it!
I got a few kitchen items, too--like this vintage owl oven mit. 

Of course, can't have the mit without the tea towel.

I also got some pot holders, too. 
Honestly, not much selection to choose from--so, I got these smiling Jacks!
While we were out, we also went to a thrift store. Just to see what they might have to offer. 
Also, we heard news that our frequent one was reopening, so killing birds with stones here. lol

I think the place has been picked clean, because all we could find were a few odds and ends.

They had a "quick costume" bin full of cheap little pre-packaged last minute costumes. Among the black cats and cutesy minnie mouses--I found this pack. An instant clown costume
. I had to grab it! Just hadda! 

In the spirit of my last post--my Wicked Witch makeup look. I found this little broken ornament among some other trinkets. 10cents and she was mine!

Rummaging around the many different bins, I found this pack of Halloween themed napkin holders.
A front/back for you. 

Checking the movies, I stumbled onto these. What I love about thrift movies is even if they are bad, you still love them because they didn't really cost too much. lol

And lastly, most of my time has been spent playing this silly little game. Click based and pretty simple but I loves it.

That is all for now. Just a few little things. Nothing too major.
Thanks for reading this silly post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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