Tuesday, October 20, 2020

HALLOWEEN DIY: Sam Doll from Trick R Treat

 Hello ladies and gents,
Today's post is about one (of the many many crafts for Halloween! lol) that I took up during my HallowQuarantine.
I made 3 different Sam dolls with my mother (Smile & Stitches on Instagram!) for her to sale. I'm happy to announce that she sold ALL 3 OF THEM! That just amazes me, to know that someone out in the world has my little paintwork propped up in their homes. That melts my heart so much!

I'm not gonna lie, painting Sam's face was actually pretty fun. A bit exhausting after the third attempt but each one is so unique. Different from each other! 

I also made a few treats for Sam to hold. A chocolate razorblade & a lolly! 

Sam and his brother Mas. lol

----------MEET THE SAM GANG----------
You seen the Sam brothers, allow me to introduce to you all...their little sister. SAMantha! 
The trio is ready to take over Halloween! 

My mother put the dolls together, just for reference.
I just painted the faces and did some of the mask stitches.

The boys looks very mischievous! 

SAMantha is adorable, with her cute little dress and lipstick!
Honestly, it was a tad bit difficult to create a female version of Sam,
because he is basically just a pumpkin skull head. lol

Had to take a few pics with their masks on! 

The hardest part of all of this is saying goodbye to your creations.
It's so heart-wrenching to leave them.  I'm happy as all heck to see them being loved by other people but I would be lying if the separation didn't hurt just a little. lol

Stay tuned for many more crafting posts, because 'tis the season! lol\


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