Thursday, October 15, 2020


Hello, just continuing this trend of posting stuff I forgot to post until much later in the month. lol
A while back, we visited Big Lots, just to see the new stuff they had on the shelves. Not really going to make any purchases, due to just not having enough in our pocket to do so at the moment, but we did end up getting a small little pumpkin light we found sitting by his lonesome for a few coins.
This was the week everything FIRST started showing up on the shelves. (yep, THAT long ago!)
Everything was fresh & new. It was so wholesome to see the stocked shelves for Halloween in mid Sept. It made my little dark heart flutter with joy!
I guess it's safe to say Halloween is practically here now. Autumn sure is my favorite time of year--too bad it doesn't feel like Autumn. Feels like a mild Summer, in my opinion! lol

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Getting off topic, just wanted to chat a bit before you gawked at the post. No one ever talks anymore. It's just a fast-paced world of give and take, isn't it? Nothing human nowadays. Just click, post, respond, robotic answered text....Have have you been? How is life? How's the kids? Pets? Is mum good? Well? Good! I love you, too!

Anywho, time to give you what you've came to peek at. I'll miss you. 
This was a few plaques they had, that I might actually want to go back and get. I love the look of these!

Scarecrows are my favorite! 
Dog Costumes for the pooch in your life.

Reminds me of my Grandparents...I dunno why! lol

Werewolves & Pumpkin Head.

Skele-Mermaid & Hauntingly cute violin! 

The light hand thing was actually pretty damn heavy! lol

The Witch and Mr. Bones.

I see these every year and I want them so bad.
But I ain't gonna put up my arm & leg to obtain them, tho.

She rocked back and forth singing a scary cute tune.

More babies. Including the teeter totter thingy.

Rockin' Bones & Electrifying Man.

They were just about almost finished stocking up the shelves. They apparently took off to take a break, so that's when I swooped on in to take my peeky gander.

A radio, a tapper & a potty mouth.

Some pretty elegant decorations.

Wall prints, anyone?

Freddy Vs Jason.

Book Ends.

I desperately want the palmistry hand & boney mirror!

Foolish Mortals! Imagine I get that and take a pic next to it in a fedora  *Trilby*

Hand. Hand. Hand. I want Hand.

*giggle giggle*

Some covers. Table cloths, curtains...dress, if tempted right enough.

I. Want. It. ALL!

Witch Please! 

I need these pillows, tho. I like the size & words. 
That kitty door knocker thing meowed very very loud. Had to turn away and walk pretty darn fast to a different area because the whole store just stopped & stared. lmfao

That orange/black spiderweby table runner is pretty nice, not gonna lie.

I want the smilin pumpkin man.Too bad it was either him or dinner tonight. lmfao

Waving ghost boy was my next dire need.
Too bad I needed a drink to go along with that dinner tonight.

These pumpy pumpkins were adorable! 

Glad to see your smiling face again, my love! lol 
Well, that was that--small mini walkthrough. 
As mentioned earlier, they were just putting stuff up on the shelves. So, I got first glimpse! 

Just this smiling pumpkin head light. 
The only guy around that I could get & not feel bad for spending money on. lol
Relatively cheap, compared to the other stuff *sheesh* but I loves him! I shall call him George! 

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