Tuesday, August 22, 2017

🌕 2017 Solar Eclipse 🌕 (+ Inspired Makeup Look!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I am sure the lot of you have heard or already witnessed the Solar Eclipse of 2017!
8/21/2017 made history for us all--or so I have been told over and over again by people.

I have been overjoyed with this sudden event, been counting down the days like it was Christmas.
I was hoping for so much but sadly, living in Sunnyside California--we get the heat and then some.

While some areas like Oregon or Illinois got to experience this Eclipse in it's full glory--we Californians had to have a semi-eclipse.

Ooooooh, I'm still mad about it--to be completely frank.
I was hoping and wishing and waiting for the sky to be engulfed in pitch blackness but all we got was overcast.

Yeah, with blinding light and extreme heat...but nothing much else.
I even had those dreadful glasses but the sun was way too bright to even see a dent in it. lol

I had to watch it all unfold on television to truly know what was going down.
But despite it all, it was something worth posting about--which is why I am doing so now.
I mean, when do you get to say you experienced something like this? Yeah...not until a very long time. lmfao

I played with my shadow, It was so much fun being able to see it everywhere I turned. lol
So, I made the best of my day by messing with my shadow, doing my makeup and nails, charging my witchy stuff and just spending time with my family.
All in all, a very eventful and nice day.
If you don't know, now you do--I have magical stuff. I thought that since this was a rare occasion--I should take extreme measures and get my stuff charged up. Pretty much my Orgone stuff, stones, gems, crystals, vials of my blessed waters with the power of the Eclipse now inside of it.

I did a quick little nail job. Nothing special, just thought I would do black with little pinkish "moons"...because the eclipse. lmfao
Thanks to my brother, I found my "get up and go" to get all this done in one single day. I wasn't feeling good and well...he lit a fire under my arse and I ended up here...making this post. lmfao
I really just wanted to do something, anything, for this event. So, I thought I should do a "eclipse" inspired makeup look.

This look goes great with my nails. lmfao

The lights behind me really gave this image life--made me really look inspired by the eclipse. hehee
And this was a last minute thing, I tried to get my hair in the shape you see but the damn thing kept falling off. I really wanted to do this look, so I glued some black hair to a piece of cardboard and plopped it on the orange area. It looks really bad but I needed this to be a reality--for my creative addiction. lmfao
 Anywho, that is all.
Just some fun stuff and brief mentions of the eclipse.
Mostly, to have this post to look back on in the future.
Thanks for reading and do come back again~

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