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A HUGE Birthday Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a haul full of the unique and amazing goodies my family, friends, loved ones, ect gave me for my birthday. 

  • Small Disclaimer--I am just being biased because it's my birthday and anything/everything given to me on this it a card or a trinket, shall and WILL be loved to an extreme.hehee
Just for you to know and for me to state, because birthday's are magical and I feel that someone who even wants to share a moments time with you on this special day speaks volumes!

I did help foot in some money so that my parents and bro could get me stuff. 
So, in case ya'll were thinking; "Damn, she is a spoiled brat getting her family to buy her all this shhhhhit"...just know that I worked my bum off for this moneys, I deserve the stuff! GAHHH! lol

I could have bought everything I wanted myself but I think it's more meaningful to have it selected from someone you love, right? 
Just seems more surprising and fun~

Anyways onto the photos, I hate showing off stuff that is specially for myself because it makes me feel weird but a lot of my online friends love seeing these posts. A lot of them love seeing the crazy stuff I get and/or receive--so, this one's for youuuuu! lol

Pretty much everything I got is inside these two bags.

I want to take a moment to thank the person and/or team behind the creation of this Disney character bag. I love how they included EVERY female Disney character! THANK YOU! I love Disney, point and blank. I don't care who or what is or isn't a "princess" according to selected snowflakes...I just love them all.
Of course, it's tradition to start with the card. For personal reasons, I will not post the insides. But it was very thoughtful and full of love. My family is so sweet and my brother even drew me these little characters inside the card as well. Sooooo coot!
I got a lot of stuff, ranging from different things with different "themes".
But I want to first start out showcasing you all the thoughtful and beautiful works of my brother who handcrafted me some amazing and very heartwarming gifts by his own two hands. 

The first thing I woke up to was this beautiful Alice In Wonderland bouquet. He handmade each little flower and designed it from a bundle of roses he got at the dollar tree. I love them so much!
This one is really special, but he made me Ursula's Necklace. Anyone who is anyone knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ursula. I have wanted her necklace for a long time and I couldn't believe he went out of his way to make it for me.
It's a REAL Oceanic Snail Shell. He bought it online and painted it with gold spray paint. Added the hook and put a black cord to secure it with. It's a little oddity and I adore that kinda thing thang. Poor unfortunate snail~
And lastly, he made me this beautifullllll Beauty and the Beast encased rose. It's made from recycled materials.
I put it in my book shelf, where I used to have a UGLYYYY makeshift beauty and the beast rose I made myself from a glass globe and a ugly paper mache rose. I tossed it so fast for this new one. Like omgggg, it's so beautiful and it looks so nice in my tiny library!
Now, only bought items.
I will show you what my parents got me, then show what my brother got me last. 

My dad went and got me some bday balloons for my party. Why Frozen, you ask? well, because it's a silly family inside joke. You don't need to know. lol
Both of my 'rent got me these puppets. Mostly they said they shopped at the local thrift store, since I seem to like shopping there myself and because I collect a lot of oddities and old stuff. hehee Mom spotted these puppets and grabbed them.
I have a larger one in my collection already, these are quite tiny and I love them. Aren't they adorable? hehee

Mom found me this encased rose and knew I'd love it. It's actual real flowers on the inside, very fragile and crumbly. I love it.

Both of my 'rents seen this set of earrings and knew I'd love them. I love stone jewelry, especially big o' chunks. These are actually very gaudy and bold, very much my style. I gave my mom some similar a while ago, that were tiny but with real stones like these--so she said she was so happy to find these at the thrift shop!

They also went to walmart and found these dolls on sale. I used to hella collect Bratz growing up, so it's kinda a "return to childhood" gift with the Jade doll. Monster High is a new obsession of mine as of right now. Not just any o' Monster High, tho. I like the odd balls, like these two here. I also have the centaur one--Avea Trotter.

My mother got me the little fairy girl figurine and my brother got me the little blue bird. There is a story behind the blue bird. When I was young, a friend of mine gave me a glass blue bird and I, in turn, gave it to my mom. Well, long story grandma decided to be rude and steal it from our house and I never forgotten about it. I have harped about how I wanted to get it back but to no avail. My brother found this glass blue bird in the thrift shop and bought it for coins. It has an engraved "Louisiana 1988" on the bottom. He said that I could let go of that old one now because I got a new one. It's so heartwarming and thoughtful...and I gave it right to my mom the second I got it (with permission from my brother, of course!) because it was meant for my mom in the first place. It hurt to know a family member stole it from my mom.

My mom got me this coloring beauty book from Monster High. It's cute and it's hella going to be helpful in the creation of new stuffs.

This was a gift both my parents and bro got me. It was bought by my dad but my brother picked it out.

My dad surprised me with this cup. He found it at the local thrift shop. He was so amazed to find her staring at him and he dropped everything to get her, he said. I also have an Ariel cup identical to this one. So, it was like it was meant for me.

Told ya, I did. lol They are perfect together!

My mom got me these lady things. A fluffy notebook with cute fluffy pen and two pairs of kitty underwears. I am soooo freaking happy.

 That's all the stuff my parents got me.
Now, onto my brothers gifts!
The first thing I got from him was this HI-DI-HI purse I have been wanting since forever! I can't stress enough how long I've wanted this purse!!! GAHHH!
The next thing he got me was this set of Henna beauty stuff. He came in a full HUGE bottle, with aftercare balm and stencils. I can't wait to mess around with this stuff. Me, my bro and my mom will be doing a spa day shortly. lol (I will post a review about this specific brand and the results soon!)
He knows how much I love oddities and the like. So, he got me this cute little vintage Fortune Teller Miracle Fish. A piece of a red see-through material that flinches and curls in your hand, but apparently--HOW it curls is what dictates your future! It's so neat!
Next thing he got me was this set of old 90s Burger King toys I used to own as a kid. I was sooooo shocked and so very happy to see these guys! I never thought I'd be so lucky to own them again! *long story, but we moved a lot and most of our stuff we kept at storage units and with "trustworthy' people we thought were reliable but lost everything. Among all the stuff I once had, these were something I lost and missed the most! lol*
Gawd, I missed them so much! These toys are puppets and I used to play with them constantly. This time though, I'm going to keep them in their bag and never open them! They are much too treasured and adored now.
Among the various toys and trinkets, he also got me this whole set of Disney characters! I seen Ursula first and flipped my lid. AHHHHHH! <3
Another freaking amazing thing that nearly made me cry was THIS POP FIGURE! HE GOT ME HIM! HE GOT ME A POP FIGURE WHO IS HIM! OMGGGG!
And when I thought it was as good as it gets--he told me he also got me some music. He knows I collect Vinyls, so he got me two amazing and remarkable albums. One being Oliver! The complete movie soundtrack!
AND DANNY ELFMAN'S SO-LO ALBUM! WHATTTTT?  I have searched high and low for this one, couldn't ever find it and he found it and I am crying and I want to marry this album ASAP!!!!!! <3
and when I finally caught my breath a little from all the excitement--I seen this Oliver! DVD in my bag. I screamed thinking it was just the movie until I seen IT WAS SIGNED BY MY FAVORITE ACTOR IN THE FILM! RON MOODY! He sadly passed away before I could ever ask for an autograph myself, so I SCREAMED WHEN I SEEN HIS SIGNATURE! I know it's not my name he signed, but I'mma pretend my name is Victor for the rest of my life!
Then the next thing was this Genie Lamp that he also drew a Genie on! I have wanted this lamp for a looooong time, too. Memories and dreams are being made here, people.
And lastly, I got this big o' Tiger head backpack. I seen this a long time ago on eBay and have been wanting it for a very long time. I have spoken about this head to my brother that I am sure he is relieved I got it in my possession now. lol But idk, I wanted it because it reminded me of Jasmine for some reason. I want to do a look inspired by Jasmine and I'll be holding this head on my back to pretend Raja is with me. Why Raja is beheaded and without a body is beyond me but being gruesome and spooky is still my thang, so why not? lol

That is all I have to show you.
I did get some money from other family members and a few other friends.
I will be updating with what I got myself using that soon.
(Haven't went shopping yet! lol)

I had such a wonderful birthday and I couldn't have asked for better presents.
I am just so thankful for all the love and support and everything my family gives me.
Thanks for reading and thanks for being here. 

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