Monday, August 21, 2017

🐒 🐆 Micke Grove Zoo 60th Anniversary 2017 + Japanese Garden 🐒 🐆 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a lovely post that was actually an impulse visit turn into historical celebration. 

Me and my brother have been itching to go to our local Zoo here in Sunnyside California and well, we found the right time to take a visit.

Saturday, August 12th was the anniversary of Mickey Grove Zoo!
We had NO idea that going to the zoo would turn into a 60th anniversary event!
I guess, the odds are on our side! ;D hahaa

 It was such a blast--we saw all kinds of cute animals, had snow cones from Kona Ice, Listened to music (Dad even got a request done for him!) and met tons of awesome people along the way.

I will section it out with images of The Zoo & The Japanese Garden.
We stayed for the festivities, did a zoo tour and then spent the reminder of the evening at the Garden with the Koi Fish!

Anywho, to the photos...

Right when we entered, we saw some duckies swimming the big swim.
Aren't these birds so lovely?
This bird has a fantastic "whistle"
The bird sanctuary was lovely.

Micke Grove was PACKED! Live music, food trucks and walking mascots that liked to take breaks on benches. lol

Inside the zoo, someone was talking about this cute little girl. Poor thing is on an IV. 


"Hey, hey...we're the monkiesssss" lol

I feel as if we were having "a moment" by the fact he kept looking into my soul. Gahhhh~ <3

My mom was freaking out because she loves these little fluffy monkies.

I dunno, I snapped a shot because I like Giraffes.
We couldn't get a good look of this little guy, cuz he was snoozing away.

Ain't he a cutie? hehee

I dunno what this habitat was all about, but it had squirrels--so it got a snap.

Mister Porcupine.

I really loved the attention to small detailing, like this "60" little creative bit here.

So beautiful.

So majestic.

More monkies. Mom was crying at this point. She wanted to take one home in her pocket. lol

I loveeeeeed how since it was a celebration, the zoo keepers decorated every habitat with cute little decorative items. Every single animal got a special treat for the day, too. Like these monkies, here.

Lemurs are adorable.

No one wanted to stop to admire the roaches, but I did. Me and my brother did, actually. Can we just respect that even these little guys got special treats, too. :'3

Red Lemur.

More flocking birds. lol

The birdy habitat is so beautiful.

I love birds.

Yes. We even did these things, too. Why not? lol

So coot~

The fella doesn't know it yet but his wife is cheating on him...with me. XD hahahaaa
Snow Leopard. So beautifullllll!

What a sleepy little baby!

Just some "in memory" signs, new paint job and a "touch-and-feel" fur pelts we touched. The seal pelt made me cry, though. Poor baby~

Mama bird and her babies. lol
We all went for some Snow Cones. Mom got a mix of all types of fruity things. Pineapple and stuff. Looked pretty good.

Me and my bro got Green Apple, though. Sorry but it was sooooooooo good.

Just some random shots of everything around us. Food trucks galore, music being played in the background. It was truly amazing.

They also had the cops and their pets out and about. Kids got to play with the doggies. I love pupsssss!
 And that was the Micke Grove event, including the Zoo.
Now, for the Japanese Garden!!
The entrance to the Japanese Garden is quite breathtaking. I wish I could live in the trees of this place. ^-^

Just look at all that green!

The water is so beautiful. This place is so magical.

I am in love with the Koi.

So cuteeee!

They were so happy to see us, greeting us with kisses.

I caught this cutie buzzing around my head.

I love the stepping stones. Me and my family all stepped across, mom cried but it was all worth it in the end to get to the other side. lol

None shall pass. lol

Just look at this place, don't you just want to live her forever?

I loved the growing roots. It's so gorgeous!

All the creativeness that went into the making of this place is well appreciated.

Me sitting next to some very large rocks. And a waterfall.

My brother and the Koi.

If I was a kid and this was my backyard, i'd hide her all the time. Playing pretend and trying to talk to faeries.

My beautiful mom in the trees.

Look at this beauty!
I just love everything so much--especially the pond of pennies. Apparently, people come here to toss a penny and "make a wish"

All the wishes~

More scenery.
And the ending of everything. Just look at the tangled vines!
The military men were training at the park, so I took a snap of them mid-walk. hehee
 And that was the whole day--I couldn't have been happier with the visit.
I didn't even think it was going to be this big of a deal, going...I only wanted to visit the zoo, nothing more.
But my small little trip turned out to be a memorable affair.
I am so very grateful.

Anywho, for those of you makeup-inclined..
I also took some snaps of my makeup.
I liked how it turned out, so why not? Right? lol

I dunno, I just felt like looking "extra" lol

The only thing I liked about this image was my eye, so I just cropped out the rest and kept the eye. lol
Since we were planning on going to the Japanese Garden, I wanted to dress in my floral printed cardigan. I felt so magical walking around the area with it flowing and flying in the wind. I felt like a Gypsy~

I love how my hair turned out--which was funny, considering I just quickly threw it up into a clip and pulled out some bits of hair because it was hot. hahaa

I wore the earring my mom got me for my birthday. I am IN LOVE with these stones!
A better image so you can see the stone.
 And that is finally the end of this very long post.
I hope you enjoyed yourself, if you did--thank you.
If you didn't, I'm sorry. lol

Anywho, Micke Grove has changed a lot since I was a kid but that's the beauty of revisiting places you used to go too...for the sake of viewing the change and appreciating the fact it's still alive and kicking. 

It felt nice getting out and looking at all the cute animals and just clearing my mind in the garden.
I will definitely be visiting again soon. 
Thank you, Micke Grove...for 60 amazing years of staying alive and giving us memories to share and keep with us for the rest of our lives.
May you continue doing what you do.

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