Wednesday, August 23, 2017

☟ Strange & Unusual Finds ☟ (Oddities, Taxidermy & Strange Wicker Baskets!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
If you don't know (most of you do, but if you are new to this side of the internet!)
I like to collect odd and strange things.
From clowns to taxidermy--I collect it all.

Today I bring you a post full of some strange and rather odd trinkets.

I found all my wares at local thrift shops around town.
Not all at once, but various trips during the month and so on--so forth.

I tend to do that from time to time.
If I have a few bucks, I go snooping around the thrift store.
If I find something, I'll snag it.
This cycle continues until I have too much and gotta post like I am doing now. lmfao

So, without further delay--allow me a minute of your time to show you some of my mad finds~

I got a few wicker baskets. I couldn't pass these up, not for the life of me. I loveeee the eyes on the two smaller ones.

I like Halloween. Pretty much everything associated to it. Witches, Goblins and Ghosts--you name it. I love it. So, when I found these two trinkets--I had to own them. The beanbag witch came with the basket, so it was a steal within a steal. heheee
I am in love with these two Halloween-y items. I can't wait to decorate my home this halloween with all my strange goodies, but until then--these shall remain in my bedroom, alongside all my other strange stuffs. lol
Next, I found this creepy (and oh so lovely!) bird basket. I will be keeping some pigeon feathers inside the neck. *as I have shown in the picture above!*
And the last basket I got was this cute Ladybug one. Same strange marble eyes on the outside. I will be keeping dried bug parts inside this one--like beetle shells, butterfly wings, things like that.
On the shelf that usually holds bundles of yarn and things of that nature, I found these packs of feathers. All for mere cents, so I snagged them.
I found this thing sitting on a table, next to the feathers. I liked the foot and the "spike" on the foot, so I took it.
Looking online, I found that this came from some Etsy shop that sells things similar to this. All the funds went into saving "fighting cocks". Apparently the seller found all of these dismembered fighting cock feet at various hot spots that had those cruel things and designed art using them. In remembrance and to bring awareness to this topic. The "red baby face" was supposed to be "mother nature" and it is suppose to symbolize how mother nature is pissed that her animals are dying for sport. I really liked this piece and I fell in love with the meaning when I found it out afterwards.
And lastly, I found this briefcase full of strange little children trinkets.
From various books with titles claiming such--I could be wrong but apparently this briefcase is used for mental intelligence and seeing if a child is capable of reason. Tons of color coordinating blocks, flipbooks asking the difference between certain objects, a record on differentiating sounds and words...I think
Tons of little things, some of the toys are even glued down to the hard wood on the bottom of certain areas.
A lot of tin toys, too. Metal dogs and people. Things like that.
I don't know the purpose of the scared looking kid cutout but it reminds me of those "where was I touched?" things school teachers and therapists use on certain people.
There are tons of books, notes, cards and blank journal entries.
Tons of "does this belong?" mentions, so I am assuming this is for mental health and/or intelligence between school children. I could be wrong but then again, it said so on a few books that were enclosed inside.
 Anywho, that is all for today.
Just a bunch of random strange finds. 
Most didn't even cost more than a few dollars. 

I am pretty proud of these things--some are very disturbing and kinda dark but that is just my life.
I'm sorry if I offend anyone who might have a weak spot for certain areas I may invoke on, but I am who I am and I like what I like. This is my hobby and my interest, I am sorry but this is what makes
Thanks for reading and come again~

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