Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lil Missy Doll Collection // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I want to post about this amazing collection of Missy Dolls I found on eBay, I won a bid that was relatively cheap and I got this whole lot for mere scratch.

I have a small minor problem, ever since my brother gave me a Missy doll once upon a time.
I have been nothing but obsessed.
I love the attention to detail, I love that these are vintage dolls and I adore that someone had to put them together by hand using nothing but beads and small little pieces of fabric.

I don't know, you can call me crazy but I'm becoming obsessed with collecting Lil Missy dolls now.
I will be putting all these babies inside a curio cabinet as soon as I get enough money to purchase one.
I want to display them properly. 

Anywho, to the collection I got: (And I got a lot!)

Everything was sent to me inside this huge box. Nicely gift-wrapped with colored paper.

The first 4 I seen were these ladies.
This is "13426 Spring Cleaning" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13413 Strawberry Festival" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13410 Crossing Guard" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13400 Chef" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
Next are these two ladies with their pets.
This is "13404 Mimi & Fifi" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13360B Mother Goose" (Walco Doll 1974-1976)
Next are these three ladies.
This is "13394 Springtime Sally" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13438 Showboat" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
 This is "13378 Cheerleader" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)

Next are the Halloween/Fall themed ones. I loveeeeee these so much!
This is "13388 Scarecrow" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
This is "13419 Trick or Treat" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
And lastly I got these two Christmas ones. I will surely be putting these guys out this Christmas!
This is "13435 Christmas Caroller" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
And this is "13437 Mr Santa" (Holiday Doll 1976-1979)
 I bought a few more, they just haven't shipped yet.
I will post those few as soon as I get them.
I love my little growing collection of Missy Dolls. 

The gang is together, wooot!
I can't wait to have my little Curio Cabinet or special nook for all my cuties soon!
Thanks for reading and thanks for witnessing my sudden shift from sanity now that I have a good portion of these trinkets to my name--I will be one crazy old lady with a lotta weird stuff when I get older. lmfao

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