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✰ Review: Marc Jacobs "Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons" // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I have a lovely little review for you all.
I received these Eye Crayons as a special gift and I wanted to review them for the likes of my friends and online-family. 
(and anyone just genuinely curious!)

Marc Jacobs apparently is a very great, high end brand that creates astonishing and relatively amazing cosmetics.
I will admit, I have never tried nor am I even slightly familiar with this brand name. 
"Familiar" meaning--I ain't got no money to afford this on my own! lol

I have never been able to splurge on anything high end, so my opinion might be slightly altered considering the fact I might be shocked that I even own this fancy name in my house. lol 

 With that in mind--all I can offer you is the meat and potatoes of a review.
Hey, that's what photo evidence is for, right?
So, YOU be the judge if it's good enough for the likes of making a final purchase. 

I got two amazing Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons. 

Apparently they are a waterproof, gel liner that has a bold, matte finish. 
The intense color and amazing glide is suppose to be insane--also, the fact it's a 12 hour wear product means you can wear it all day without it fades or creasing. 

I have high expectations since this is a Marc Jacobs Beauty’s original award-winning Highliner Gel Eye Crayon eyeliner.
As it claims on the website--so, here's to hoping~

What I came to love about these matte crayons is that they come in an array of colors--from earth tones to vibrant bolds. 
Oh, the shade of it all! lol

 They are glitter-free and intensified by super-rich pigmentation. 
Formulated to glide on smoothly for perfect application. 

You gotta work fast when you apply, because you get a 15 second window to hurry and blend the color out otherwise it will set in place for all-day stay.
But the pigments are very rich and thick, you can easily blend them out to perfection.
You can keep them as liners or use them to enhance your looks. 

I got two very versatile shades, so I plan to use them for highlighting and contouring my eyes or to build a smokey eye look--rather than for eye-lining in general.
What I truly love is that these pencils are designed in a way that the base of each liner is equipped with a clever little sharpener that keeps the point of the tips perfect and precise for application. 

Some more key mentions:
They are Parabens-Sulfates-Phthalates-FREE

The Review
Here is the part everyone has been itching to see--since I covered the gist of what these pencils are about...let's put them to action and apply them to my skin! 

I have to say, I am quite impressed. 
The overall staying power, the bold and vibrant pigmentation. 
Down to the built-in sharpener inside each pencil, it was just such a pleasant experience using these crayons on my eyes. 

I got the shades "Pink Of Me" and "(Earth)Quake" and I am just in love with the earthy tone of the dark brown and the slight pinkish hue of the highlighter. 

I actually used the pink of me as a highlighting pencil for my inner tear duct. 
The glide was creamy and very smooth. 
I blended my liners out so nicely, without any hassle or struggle to get them faded. 
AND when everything was done and I went out to work, they stayed on through my whole day--even during my sweating and moving around--without moving or creasing. 
I put the liners on at around 3 in the afternoon, came home around 10pm and they were BARELY starting to fade. 

Overall, I am in love and I will invest in some more from Marc Jacobs. 
I really am blown away and because of this--I give 5 solid and well deserved stars! 

I just used these two pencils ONLY. No additional cosmetics for the sake of seeing them alone--in action. I didn't use too much, just enough to get an idea.
 and that's the end of this very long post.
I hope you got a good read and enjoyed yourself.
It was fun to play around with these beautiful pencils--I will surely be adding them into my everyday look routine.
If you would like to snag some for yourself, follow the link HERE!

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