Wednesday, August 23, 2017

🤡 Send In The Clowns 🤡 (My Obsessive Compulsive Collecting Of Clowns!) // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I bring you another collective clown haul.
As I mentioned in previous clown hauls, I like to collect them.  (Not *like*, LOVE!)
Why? I don't know. I just do. 

I feel extremely connected to clowns. (or clownish things!)
ever since I was a young little thing, I have always been drawn to the concept of the clown.
Also, the fact a lot of people hate them makes me love them more...maybe it's the rebel inside of me that likes to go against what others hate but I have always and will always love clowns.

They are my obsession and I tend to find a lot in my local thrift shop--so, why not? lol

Where I live, I always find at least one or two clowns every other day.
I don't know why but someone (or a collected amount of someone's) like to drop off clowns at this specific thrift store because I always end up finding something clownish/circus/carnival related here.

which makes me giggle, someone owned these at one point...
now I have them, so I have become that person. hehee

Anywho, how's that for an intro?
I will shutty and start showing you my images of the clownish wares I now own! 

 I got a few clownish goodies, so here is a sneak peek at what you shall seeeeee!

I love all my babies so much!!! Sooooo much!
I have no specific "type". 
Just the weirder...the better, I suppose. 
I tend to really love the homemade items a lot more than something that is manufactured.
 I just think it's nice to find something homemade over something vastly marketed. 
I don't know, or perhaps I just like that someone sat down and handcrafted a homemade clownish item. hehee
what went through their minds when they painted that clownish grin?
what were they thinking when they added that red nose? 
All this and more is what draws me in so deeeeeeeep. 

This here is a paper-mache ceiling hanger. Look at that paint job! *-*
I love the colors and the fact he is about half the size of meeeee.
I found these inside of the jewelry section of the thrift shop. They were just there and I snagged them up so fast. lol
God, these are gorgeous!
Look at how BIG they actually are compared to my hand! They are going to look so nice with my scarves this fall!
I was flipping out when I found him in the "toy" bin. Like whaaaaaaat? What I love about him is that he moves his head to "send in the clowns" basically, he's a "musical box". I am in loveeeee! (I adore Emmett Kelly!)

 I have a small clip for you of him in action--please note, it's hot so my fan is on in the background. Forgive the lack of professionalism in this clip but I don't wanna leave the clip out! lol
I love that his head bobs around like that. I love it soooo much!
I got these cute little figurines. I found them inside a plastic bag together. One was already broke, though. But at least I got the broken piece with him, so I will try to fix him back up.
The faces, that extremely spooky smile...I fell in love. Reminds me of the guy from the MAD comics. hehee
Next I found this little guy. A clip of some sort? But yeah, he's as big as my thumb. *please excuse my horrible nail, I am going through that ugly phase before they grow out again! gahhh!*
Oh, I seen this yarn clown sitting on a brown chair and I snagged her up for real cheap. I love that my thrift store sells most clowns at very reasonable (almost too cheap!) prices. hehee Why? because no one wants clowns as much as I do. lmfao
I found a clown missy doll. I am so happy to be adding her to my growing collection of little missy dolls.
I found this little lady behind a lot of the glass collectables. I fell in love with her puffy thighs and painted face.
And lastly, I found this little wooden guy sitting all alone. I love how tiny he is.
So cuteeee!
 And that is the lot for you today.
I will surely be back again one day with another haul of clowns.
I just gotta find them and get them, is all. lmfao
but thanks for reading and enjoying my little obsession with me. 

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