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⭐Cult Fragrance Halloween Themed Incense⭐ | Hannabal Marie

Not only did I get my items--I was also gifted a Halloween treat bag and some complimentary soaps! 

Hello ladies and gents
A while back, I decided to make a purchase online from a company 
I am proud to showcase to you all today--Cult Fragrance.

It is like a Halloween tradition to buy some new incense, 
to help really bring the feeling of the season inside the house. 

My goodies arrived quick, on time and inside a beautiful packing envelope. 

Last year, I found a company that made single note incense sticks--
all pretty good but honestly, with what I am about to show you today, can't even compare. 

Cult Fragrance has to be my new latest obsession, when it comes to incense sticks.

I haven't tried them all, to really form an opinion on the company but from what I have received--I am beyond happy with my selections. 

Such a kind heart. Thank you for everything! 

I have looked everywhere for a good company that can really (and truly) grasp how this holiday smells to me.
Sounds crazy, but I have a memory imprint when it comes to certain scents and Cult Fragrance really brings all my wild imaginations to life with some of their wonderful sticks.

Take for instance, candy corn.
Now, if you go looking around online for an incense stick that can smell similar to this sweet, tasty candy--you will find people who either leave out notes or who assume that since it's candy, any form of "sweet vanilla" will do. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible some of my purchases were  before I found this company. Cult Fragrance really makes me question how a true stick is supposed to smell like and why I have never found them before, because the scents are just magical. 
If any words were to describe the smell they give off--it would have to be magical

Thank you so much, for the sweets! :) 

Not only does the candy corn smell like you just put a handful of the delicious sweets into your mouth, but it isn't something that can easily be distinguished by a single note. The smell is something more complex...something that starts off one way, but morphs and ends in another...yet, somehow, still keeping true to the namesake. It's sweet, it's savory, it's spicy yet blends beautifully into a warm honey mixture--which, after the stick completely dies down, only leaves you with the firm understanding of what candy corn is meant to smell like. 

Each set of incense was packed securely inside their own packaging upon arrival.

I purchased a bundle of all their latest Halloween themed selections and not a single one has been unsatisfactory. Which is so odd because I am quite picky with scents and can easily get irritated or certain smells will be too overbearing or lacking thereof--but Cult Fragrances has lived up to my expectations of what I'd personally feel ties great with each and every name. 

I will try my best to explain or rather--define--what each scent smells like in vivid detail.
But these are one of those things that requires you to try it out for yourself, in order to really get the picture. 

Before I get into the showcase, I need to tell you about the owner herself. 
She is, what I would say, someone who knows her scents. 
growing up with a mother who introduced her to exotic perfumes such as Oriental Charlie, Tuscany per Donna and Opium--she has grew a fascination and a general love for the "smell goods."

Straight from her Etsy:
"All my creations are from the heart, vegan, cruelty free and geared specifically for you, all the lovers of a 'great scent', whether its your skin, your hair, your home, etc."
Not only does she have incense, but she also sells a wide variety of other amazing things--such as soaps, body butters, lotions, fragrance oils and so much more. 

So, allow me to show you instead of tell you~!

⭐Candy Corn--
true replica of the popular Halloween candy.
Like I already mentioned above, the scent is very exotic.
It isn't like any other candy corn scents I have ever smelled before.
Very sugar sweet with a hint of a buttery die-down. 

Just look at the dip on the stick, beautiful! So beautiful! 

The overall lasting power of each stick was phenomenal.
Lasting for such a very long time, which prove the quality of the dip.
And, the smell is still lingering, even as I type. I have burned one in the afternoon and it still smells divine--even in the peak hours of the next morning. Lovely~!

⭐Trick or Treat--
pumpkin, persimmon, apple, berries, currants, orange, cinnamon and vanilla.
Oh goodness, this scent is delicious.
Reminds me of those Red Hot hard candies.
It's sweet, spicy and smooth. 
I love this one, really hits my sweet tooth. ;)
I have to say that the cinnamon is very heavy in this one.
Which is absolutely divine. It's exactly what I would assume the name would smell like. 

⭐Witch Spell--
cinnamon, cannabis flower, jasmine, rose, musk, black tea, and patchouli.
This one, despite the fact that Trick or Treat also had Cinnamon, is so very different from each other.
The Cinnamon in this one is very light, the floral being the top notes I instantly smell instead. Very rosy, very floral with a very light, almost airy cinnamon scent. 

This is something I would love to sip my tea and read a novel along with. 

⭐Bonfire Bliss--
leaves, charred woods, amber, sandalwood, musk, roasted marshmallows, 
brown sugar, coconut and vanilla.
This scent right here embodies everything I love about Autumn/Fall.
I am obsessed with this scent, among many of the others, but this one especially.
It almost brought a tear to my eye when I lit one of these--because it made me revert to a child-like state and I saw myself frolicking along the street as a kid during Halloween. Plastic pail in one hand and my mother holding my other. Leaves falling around us and burning wood from the fireplaces of the houses dancing beside me and my little brother. Just pure and true happiness. THAT is what I smell from this one. 
But if I must be more specific--it smells like a woodsy musk. or a warm coconut--depending on the person and their first initial reaction to it. I smelt the woods, my brother--the coconut. Equally sharing the same feeling, regardless. 

⭐Toasted Marshmallow--
marshmallows on a stick toasted by the fire.
I instantly smell a very buttery, warm brown sugar. I can easily see how this would be called Toasted Marshmallow--considering the sweetness and savory smell it gives off. It also has a sort of  "smoke" hint under it all, which really ties everything beautifully together. 

It's so odd how close to the real deal all of these scents have been.
I have to be careful not to munch on the actual sticks during my daydreaming. lol

 hay balsam, vetiver and cedarwood.
Oh, this scent is very earthy. The name "Hayride" is quite appropriate.
Musky, earthy and I can smell a bit of dirt. Fresh, wonderful dirt.
Reminds me of the scent after it rains--just less "wet" and more "dry."
If that makes sense! Almost like you can pick up the hay with your bare hands. 
My brother is in love with this scent, above them all.
I can see exactly why, because I love it, too. 
All of these came from her Halloween Sampler--
which allows you to pick 3 scents out of a total of 10 for $3.
An absolutely great deal, if you ask me.

And, I was also given a free set of Guest Soaps in the scent Island Cocktail~!
a zesty blend of Pineapple, berries, juicy oranges, vanilla and coconut.
Oh, goodness--I could eat these soaps if I could.
The smell is very fruity and citrus. Exotic and smooth. 

Perfect sizes, as well. Ideally for a guest room or bathroom. I can easily see hotels putting these inside their bathrooms and getting 5 star ratings over it, because goodness--it's divine.

I love how she included them inside a mesh baggie. Great for travel. 

I am keeping these babies to myself--with the exception my mom wants one, because she does. lol
They lather up real nice and the scent stays on your skin for a very long time before fading.
Beautiful scent, beautiful soaps. I am in love. 

Overall, I am impressed and amazed.
scents like these give artists like me a reason to daydream and get creative.
Before I end the post, I want to talk a little more about her, as a person.
Not only is she a great company dedicated to her craft, but she is a loving and caring woman.
Kind and very sweet. My experience with knowing her, for a mere few seconds after my initial purchase, was a very well loved one. She made me feel comfortable, made the overall exchange quite a pleasant one. She spoke to me, was straight to the point and sent my items straight-away without a moment's delay. Kind, respectful and someone well deserving of far more recognition. 
She gave me an experience that truly has sold me as a repetitive buyer. 
I can see this company, this woman, going places. 

If you are interested, you can find her Etsy HERE!
She also has an Ebay, you can find that HERE

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