Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Easter Bunny Makeup by Hannabal Marie!

I never got around to actually posting my Easter look. 
Apologies, and to be completely frank, I might be late on lots of holidays unless I don't happen to be busy or if I simply forgotten about 'em and somehow I get reminded, so just keep that in mind. Haha!
anywho, I didn't quite do much on this holiday and I wasn't expecting to do much but as being the custom in my life, I didn't want to NOT do i just quickly threw some makeup on and paraded around the house until I felt like washing it off. (haha)

 I just wanted an excuse to take a pic with a chocolate rabbit. 

My mum gave me the rings and asked for me to do a 'makeup look' inspired by them. 
so in a way, these looks are for her.

Anywho, like I said...this is a pointless post but I needed to get 'em out here in the open before I forgot any further. Besides they were taking up some room on my computer...not much but some. HAHA!


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