Friday, June 27, 2014

Willy Wonka by Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlemen
Allow me to first start off by stating that anything Tim Burton related will and MUST be done. 
I shall have this blog packed full of TB related things until your eyes fall out. (So stay tuned for future Tim Burton thingies..and Johnny Depp in general)

Anywho, as you've already read from the title, this is going to be the Willy Wonka Johnny Depp did. 
I attempted a transformation, if you will, last night....and I am quite happy with the results. Especially coming from a lady-like face o' mine...trying to recreate his hard bone structure was a tad bit difficult but I think I did THIS piece justice. 

The products I used (to get them out of the way) were:
>Brown/Black/White Liner Pencils from Wet N Wild
 >Liquid Eyeliner from ELF
>Brown Contouring Powder
>Hightlight powder
>Pearly Pink lipstick from Jordana
Dressy "Chocolate-y" Colored Shirt
Dark Blue Hoop Neck Shirt
Plum Button Down Shirt to cover over it all
Brooch (I made)
 These are the photos I took reference from:

 Anywho, with all these references, I sketched out my idea and I came up with this:

"Chewing gum is really gross. Chewing gum I hate the most."

"It's in the fridge, Daddy-o! Are you hip to the jive? Can you dig what I'm layin' down? I knew that you could-- slide me some skin, Soul Brother."

  "Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! You'll make him crazy!"

Anywho, I hope you liked this post.
And in the words of Willy himself, 
"You smell like old people, and... soup. I like it!" I do...oh how I do! <3

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