Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ebay Item: Rhinestone Claw Rings (Review)

Hello ladies and gents
I have been thinking I should be doing reviews of products I've gotten through ebay and the like.  
(I mostly want to review ebay purchases though)
One thing is for certain, when I attempt to purchase something, I try to see if someone has a review based on the product I want to purchase but sadly I never find any, so I end up taking risks that sometimes never live up to my standards..but sometimes I end up getting more than I bargained for, so it's all a huge surprise either way. 

I want to help other people out here who like pretty things but are too scared to buy them for the fear they might get their money taken without a word. 
(believe me, I've had it done to be many times on ebay!) 

So I will start posting reviews on things I either find worthy enough for a post or even things I found completely ridiculous, so many of you can watch out for this said retailer and the product. 

(NOTE: Everything I will review I bought with my own money! I just decided to review them on my own time. I am not being paid or anything for this review.)

The first thing that has come in the mail is the following:
Rhinestone claw rings 
From the ebay seller "coolarea"

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These rings cost 2.99 each.
There are other places were you can purchase a bundle of them (10x or 5x) but I bought mine individually from coolarea and this review is based on that. 
So if you want to take the risk and purchase them in that bundle, go ahead. 
(I will be buying a 10x bundle soon. So if you just want to wait to see if I get taken or not, you can do that too)
 I bought these rings (one M black, one M silver) on June 20th
They were shipped and delivered on June 27th! 

A 7 day wait isn't a wait at all, compared to many other sellers I have dealt with, this was THE fastest shipment I have ever seen!
10/10 for shipping/receiving! 

Coolarea shipped me this little handy yellow package complete with the bundle of bubble wrap!

 Each little ring was also wrapped in its own little plastic baggy! 

I am impressed with the packaging! I have bought jewelry from other sellers before where they simply threw the jewelry in the yellow package and nothing much else. Coolarea really makes sure your product doesn't get ruined from the long travel. 
I respect that so much!
 10/10 for packaging!

 This is the side view of the rings! They are a bit heavy but I fancy heavy jewelry!

One size doesn't fit all. You MUST purchase a L and S for your thumb and pinky finger.
M is the size I purchased for both. Just remember, M is for the ring, middle and index fingers...S is for pinky and L is for thumb!

Please oh please forgive the ugly cracked nail polish on most of these photos. I was in a hurry! Haha!

For jewelry I am very impressed with the quality and weight and everything. 
2.99 might seem pricey to some people, but I must state that it is worth every penny. 
All the rhinestones were present!!!
(also, they were nicely embedded in the item. I have gotten some expensive pieces before where the little gems were coming off the edge or not all there at all.) 
10/10 Product overall!

Anywho that is the review, I am quite happy with my purchase. I love them and will certainly be purchasing again from coolarea in the future. 

If you would like to purchase these rings, you can HERE!  

That is all...that jazz!

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