Friday, June 20, 2014

Will I see you tonight?

hello ladies and gents
a while back me and my parental unit went walking. As we were enjoying the scenery and such, I took some shots with my mum's phone. 
I will upload them here as a sort of dramatic post. 

so here we go. 
 Railroad crossing!

Alley ways make me happy! 

 The back of an old-as-sin building.

 Name yer poison...go on ahead and make some noise.....
I'm assuming this was someone's drink of choice!

 I hope you don't run all over everyone like you do the tracks.

 Train tracks brake yer momma's back!

lovely little alley way!

 I was scouting out for cute elderly men. Yeeeeah. 

The building next to the wine tasting area!

 This cute kitty was at my friend's house. I named him Tommy Waits because of clear reasons. I will have to edit a little fedora on his head soon!

 Forgot to mention, he passed away a few days back. I cried like a baby. He loved me, he had some hip problems but he still managed to crawl to me whenever he seen me. He had a deep and groggy voice that reminded me of Tom Waits. RIP baby boy! <3

 Graffiti is so beautiful!

 More of it! I want more of it nao! <3

 My dad pretending to be the "thinking man" on a fire hydrant. :3

 I took this while I was crossing, this car was following us all day and kept turning around to pass us. 

 Someone's getting busted. 

 Pretty park where the cats and the homeless play!

 How much is that dress in that window?

Some pretty pretty flowers in my garden!
 That o' stud who keeps coming over flaunting his junk to me. Shtap it, you. Shtap it!

 and some random face shots because it felt lifeless with 'em.

I dunno if I will keep doing this kind of posts, but whenever I feel an urge to shoot a pix, I will. and if I feel like dumping 'em here on my blog...I will. I hope you enjoyed it!
that is all....that jazz!

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