Thursday, June 19, 2014

Circus FREEK!show Series: The Bearded Lady by Hannabal Marie!

I created a series a long time ago called "The Circus Freek!show" and I never got around to finishing it. (I make lots of series that I don't finish! haha) But I thought I'd keep it ALIVE.
Today I give you another sideshow FREEK.

She is the Bearded Lady!

"There’s the bearded lady – should we laugh or should we cry?
Everybody thinks that she’s so weird;
Is she just a man who likes to dress up as a girl?
or could he be a lady with a beard?

See the people pointing, hear the ridicule and scorn,
No-one seems to understand her plight,
Laughing at the freak on show, well worth the fifty cents
Call her names, since you have bought the right.

Look a little closer, past the feathers and the frills,
See her tears fall from mascara’d eyes,
Trapped inside this body feeling every barb and jibe,
No-one ever seems to sympathize."

(Poem by KingPoetry
Makeup by Hannabal Marie)

 Products I used to make this look complete, are:
>Elf shades in Brown/Black/White
>Pink Blush from unknown brandname
>Fake Facial Hair/Body Hair using my real hair clippings
>Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Black
>Brown/Black Pencil Liners by Wet N Wild

Little Posies!
Matching Faux Pearl Necklace/Bracelet

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