Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hannabal Marie Talks #1

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I do a lot of talking.
I post lots of status's about this and that...that's and this's. 
But I can't help but feel that people are annoyed with me on there, clogging up their newsfeed with mumbo I have taken into consideration the idea of a mini extra portion I could do on this blog. 
A "Hannabal Speaks" section where I rant and rave about things that either intrigue me or confuse me or a mixture of both. 
I don't expect many to respond nor do I expect people to care, but at least it is in my domain and you had to visit my world to see it. 

Anywho, I have a story to tell:

While walking in the park today, an elderly woman was sitting down on the park bench. 
She didn't quite belong there, the whole scene just looked like one of those paintings where the center point is just way off. she looked like a vintage burlesque performer who'd seen better days but came to reminisce on past times....
She looked so lonely and so...tired. She had makeup on, but barely enough she attempted to apply but just didn't bother. Her clothing was odd as well, something that I don't see anyone (and I do repeat) anyone...ever wear around Lodi but me...high collared shirt with ruffles, a brooch, a velvet vest and a long off-white colored skirt. 
She crossed her legs and revealed pointy toed shoes. She was something out of my very dreams. So elegant, so refined, so unlike Lodi. I decided to sit next to her and do what I do...the random chit chat. We spoke about the old burlesque, we sung old show tunes both off pitch but not caring, we confessed our love for Liza Minnelli...I swear it was like looking into a mirror. I asked for her name but she never answered...she just smiled and said that it was so sweet that I can express myself without care because men in her past life had to hide their creativity. She then just stood up, dusted off her skirt and walked in the opposite direction. It was like she just up and vanished. She was gone in a blink of an eye.
Despite the fact she thought I was a man in makeup..ehem...ehem...(haha) She was such an amazing person. Ya know those stories where people say they encountered themselves in a different point in their life? I think I might have today. It makes me wonder. It also makes me worry...will I be that old lady who remains in parks alone...thinking of all my past things...looking restless and tired....and addressing strange females as "he's"! Oh my!


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