Friday, June 20, 2014

Enigma, The Perverted Gentleman by Hannabal Marie!

Hello, Just dropping the latest makeup creation inside my blog bucket. 
It's a self based character I created one night whilst listening to some Tom Waits late at night. 
I had this idea for "mustache lips" for some I thought why not add that inside my look. 
It's basically a version of myself. The darker version I keep hidden away! XD hahaha

anywho, here he is:

Enigma is the name. 
I’m your proper gentleman as well as your perverted prick! 
 I have danced with death, rolled in the sheets with her and forgotten her name before sun rise. 
In such a dead world…one mustn’t be afraid to remain…cold. 
Simplest of pleasures are always the best…from the fragrant scent of roses to the lingering stench of cheap perfume and cigarette smoke. 
I am a sex crazed jackal…I am not afraid to admit it…because sex, as any man will tell you, is vital…as vital as a rope around your neck!

That is all...that jazz!

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