Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ebay Item: Chinese Traditional Umbrella (Review)

Hello ladies and germs!
I have another Ebay purchase that came in the mail. 
I ordered a Chinese Traditional Umbrella from Happydeal88!

(Note: I am not being paid for this review, I bought this with my own money!)

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If anyone knows me, they know that I am obsessed with umbrellas. 
I love long ones, short ones, cute ones, odd ones, ancient ones, lacey ones, all sorts. 
I have a weird fascination with rain and the umbrella is necessary when it rains.
It's just so peaceful. 

So I went ebay hunting and came crossed this fairly priced beauty. 
I don't own any pretty Chinese parasols so I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity when I had the money available!

I bought this umbrella for $6.53 via Happydeal88!
They come in all sorts of colors ranging from Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Light and Dark Blue!


I bought this umbrella on June 20th
I received this on June 27th!

10/10 shipping/receiving!

 My umbrella came in this yellow package, the interior has bubble wrap.

 The seller also wrapped my umbrella with this orange tie to keep from opening up during the travel. 

5/10 packaging! 
(why? because due to the long travel, no security would have been avaliable had my umbrella got ruined or something. The bubble wrap inside is really thin and it looked slightly used with the worn down bubbles on the wrapping. The packaging is just paper and could have ripped open without a fuss. I give it a 5 because they could have double wrapped the umbrella in more bubble wrapping or even a few plastic garbage bags for the extra security.)

The seller said that this umbrella is:
  • 100% Brand New.
  • Material: Bamboo, Wood and Nylon
  • 11 Colors for your choice: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Red, White, Yellow (white and pink SOLD OUT)
  • Length: 54.5cm
  • semidiameter: 41.5cm

    I have no clue to what the actual colored ones would look like, but I bought a black one and if you would like to see what that might look like in person...continue on: 

This is the umbrella compared to my arm. 

 The inside work is beyond beautiful!

 All that hard work in that binding! <3

The flowers are hand painted. The tip of the umbrella is a red plastic cap nailed with two silver nails to secure it together. 

A few photos of me and the umbrella for comparison! 

As far as the umbrella is considered, I love it.
It's beautifully hand crafted and painted.

One thing I must say in regards to a negative thing about this umbrella is that it gives off a rather pungent musky smell.
I can't quite describe it, it's like a very putrid dirty smell.
Like this umbrella was crafted in a farm house or something.
I don't mean to sound rude, but I must speak the truth.
I don't want someone to complain if they purchased it after my word and found that it had a slight scent that is a bit unnerving.
It's nothing that a airspray or perfume couldn't mask but it might upset people had they not known.

8/10 Over All Product Review! 
(Why? because of the smell and the hard red plastic being just put together with two large silver nails. I don't like how sloppy the top looks. I am going to have to paint the top with black spray paint or something. I give it an 8 simply because I still love the look of it, the paint job is beautiful. I adore the inside work. The handle is wonderfully made and easy to handle. It truly is made out of bamboo. It's just a beautiful piece of work and it is a good quality item worth all the trouble.) 
If scent doesn't bother you and you like to collect umbrellas for art purposes or what have you, you can purchase it HERE!

That is all...that jazz!

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