Tuesday, October 23, 2018

☔ Another Rainy Day ☔ | Hannabal Marie

Such a beautiful day outside.
Hello ladies and gents
Just documenting another lovely rainy day that occurred a while ago.
Rain is one of my favorite things in the entire world--
follow that up with lightening, and you got a happy camper--ME!

Thought I'd just drop some images and a mini video I created in celebration to this lovely day.

Nothing is more cozier than the feeling of a good rain storm. 

Just look at the clouds covering the sun. 

Those clouds are heavy with rain!
It makes me transform into Tom Waits with every rain drop falling against my windowpane. 

"It's more than rain, that falls on our parade tonight...
More than thunder...more than thunder..."

"...And it's more than a bad dream, now that I'm sober.
Nothing but sad times. Nothing but sad times..." 

"...None of our pockets are lined with gold.
No one even caught the bouquet..."

"...There are no dead presidents we can fold.
Nothing is going our way..."

"...And it's more than trouble, that I have got myself into.
And it's more than woe-begotten grey skies now..."

"And its more than a bad dream now that I'm sober
There's no more dancing, there's no more dancing..."

☔ Here is a mini video on my YouTube channel about this special little day! ☔

Thanks for reading! 

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