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🎮 The Library Con 2018 🎮 | Hannabal Marie

Some of the stuff we got from the event.

Hello ladies and gents
September 23rd was the Library Con here where we live.
But quite frankly, it was a bit of an awkward day.

I have a bit of a story to share here, 
So I do hope you got some snacks for this very long read. hahaa

Me and mom, waiting for the boys to finish. lol If you didn't notice, I went as MoMo.
I really liked the character, so why not? lol

Just goofing off before we head out.

Before the con, everything seemed alright. 
Nothing out of the ordinary, just an average every day. 
We started getting ready around 9ish in the A.M. and ended around 12:30 P.M. 
A total of 3 and a half hours, which isn't too bad for the length of work me and my brother did. 

Me and my brother, waiting outside the building for more people. Never showed. 

Well, nothing too crazy happened.
We got into the car, had to find a way to maneuver my brother into the front seat with his huge hair sitting on top of his head.
 (We were going to just put the thing in the trunk but it would have taken forever to get it attached at the con and we would much rather be prepared than waste precious time!)

Anyways, we arrived around 1 and the whole situation was just awkward.
No one was there, just a few booths inside and outside.
Everyone was eyeballing us as if we were freaks for arriving at a CON in COSTUME.
Just disrespectful people acting rude.

We turned a lot of heads. So many people were so shocked, I don't understand why?! ;D haha

We walked around the library thinking people were inside but everyone was basically packing up to go home.
Either no one even showed or everyone was already leaving. 

We later found out that it was the latter--apparently, last minute, the library announced that they were changing the time and no one knew about it because they only posted on their facebook page. 
The time to arrive was way earlier than expected, so basically--we were arriving late to the party. lol

Not a lot of people showed. Just a few cars, most from the actual workers in the library. 

A small gathering outside. It looks big but trust me, it wasn't that big. Most were screaming prayers when we approached because me and my brother made their god-fearing children cry. Gawd help us all. lol

Inside was very empty. Only a few people. Most rude as heck. Someone muttered when me and my bro passed; "This is a library, how dare you!!!" Yeah...a library THAT WAS HOSTING AN EVENT CALLED A CONNNNNNNNN!

 People were commenting about how we missed the costume contest and that we 'should have came earlier' because 'we could have participated.'
Just crazy stuff, to say the least.

The vendors were kinda rude, as well.
Maybe we caught them on a bad day or maybe their favorite dog pissed in their cornflakes but some of them need to learn to crack a damn smile.
People were looking at me and my brother with disgust, like we killed their grandma or something.

I can tell the type of things that were going through their minds as we walked by--because we've had this sort of thing done many many times before.
They were probably thinking "is all this really necessary?!" 
and yes, to answer your question...yes, it is. In fact, we didn't do ENOUGH. 

I don't know, our hometown is kinda like this sometimes. 
They'll ask for a gathering of something (be it a zombie walk, halloween party or a comic con) and then they'll question why you even came.
It's crazy but it's nothing out of the ordinary here, I suppose.

One thing I wish I could say to the people who run my little hometown--ease up, folks.
Ease up and have a little fun.
Instead of bashing someone, why not--I dunno--thank them for even attending, ya know?

Anyways, we didn't want our makeup to go to waste, so we walked around town a bit.
Freaked out the strangers and people at their workplaces and ended the day doing a minor photoshoot at some scary looking parking garage! 

Enough of my chit-chat...let me just show you the rest of the images:

Me checking my nails, to see if they were still intact. lol

Me and my brother leaving the library because rudeness and just plain emptiness. 

My brother was Sekino from Junji Ito's Spiral. He dressed as her once before but he always felt like he could do better. Which he did, but on a day that no one even gave a shit about our costumes. How fucking sad, man. Which was why we decided to do that mini photoshoot. 

Me and my brother came up with the idea behind this specific look. Working with what we had on hand and creating something so frightening that we made children and grown men cry. lol

I was trying to make the illusion that my "torso" was sitting on a pedestal. Hence the black full-length skirt. 

Me and my brother messing around, outside the library. All the while probably complaining about people not coming. lol

More messing and stressing. lol

Me inside the library, next to literature. lol

My brother strutting his stuff. 

Me behind the library, giving my mom a creepy face in a creepy angle. 
Momo inside some foliage. 
Don't visit the forests late at night, mkay? ;)
As I said, we walked around town--so, here is a pic of me in front of a funeral home.
Making my way downtown--
...Walking fast...

Faces pass...and I'm homebound. lol

Forget Momo, you can call me MAMA. HAHAHAAA Sorry, I just hadda. 

Another creepy shot because why not? lol

The photoshoot, at the parking garage. 


Momo touching herself. hahahaa

The people in the cars behind me were getting nervous and saying rude remarks as I got these following pics...
So, you better like 'em, damn it. hahahaa

They thought I was gonna mug them or do something to their cars. lol I just wanted my photo taken in an artsy way, sheesh! hHahaha
Thought this looked cool, so I kept it. hahaa

These were all the things we ended up scoring at the Library Con of 2018. Our first one at this Library, to be honest. Rude people and their rudeness would have made me never wanna come out again but that never stopped me before. lol

My mask I created was pretty darn good for my first mask ever. I am proud of myself, to say the least. 

We did end up purchasing this little necklace from some booth. I don't remember but I gave it to my mom. 
The bag was a freebie for everyone that attended but we literally had to ask to even get one because no one was handing them out. This is all that was inside. 
We got 2 comics--and apparently, it was free comic book day. idk lol
Some cards and things, idk.
And my parents grabbed these random flyers. 
My mom and dad acting weird, while we ate chinese afterwards. lol
And lastly, here is a pic of me when I took off the mask.
This is the makeup I hadda do underneath the thing so nothing would show underneath.
I look like a wrestler from the 90s. lol

I will be posting a progression post soon, just to show the before/after in my construction of the overall look. 
I know I have a few friends who enjoy WIP (work in progress) posts, so that will strictly be for those selected few and for myself.

I also have a few clips of my time there--though I have been debating on tossing them in the trash considering it isn't much in terms of footage. 
Truth being told, I was postponing on publishing this post at all. 
If it wasn't for the photos me and my brother took, this wouldn't be much of a post at all. 
Anyways, here is a clip of my brother walking around. I might still create a youtube video, I don't know yet. I got to look over the footage.

I  will admit, despite my feeling of shame from the experience, I am still proud in myself.
At the core of it all (and the sole reason I am still holding onto some pride in myself) this can and will still be viewed as a makeup look to add to my portfolio of looks I have created. 
I am sure my brother feels the same way. 
So, not ALL hope has been lost. lol

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