Sunday, October 21, 2018

♡ People Recreating My Work ♡ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
It has been brought to my attention that one of my very old looks
has inspired some very amazing ladies to recreation. 

I can't thank them enough for taking inspiration 
and recreating a look I designed. 

At the time of my creating the Miss Spider look, 
I only had a very cheap camera on hand. I used an old green shirt as a scarf and the hat wasn't a hat at all, but a bundle of clothes to resemble a hat. lol

All done with a cheap Halloween wig and some face paint I had on hand.

Now looking back on this old piece, I feel obligated to recreate it myself. Using some of the better equipment and products I now own.  

Haha I guess you can say that these ladies who recreated and took inspiration has now given ME inspiration to recreate my own makeup look again.

So, thank you! :3 
 So, enough with my chit-chat--
Allow me to show you these amazing and talented people!

One of my favorite artists in the entire world liked one of my makeup looks.
You guys don't understand how amazing this is.
Chuck Hodi is an amazing artist and to have him *like* something I did, it was life changing! 

I am just so amazed and thrilled to have been the source of your inspiration. 
And to be mentioned on your instagram, as just that, it made me feel as if I am doing something right with my art. That I am not doing all of this for nothing. It really makes all the struggles, mistakes, everything I have encountered as a makeup artist/artist in general all worth it.
(And to have one of my favorite artists like my work--I am blown away!)

To some people this is probably nothing, 
nothing to mention or get excited about--but to me, it's my whole world. 

You have to look at this in a different frame-of-mind. A different stand-point.
Growing up with nearly nothing--no friends or anything to prove my own existence important...
just painting my face to keep me from falling into pits of depression. Not really having anything in mind about the future or how this specific look may create a spiral of here I sit, inspiring others to embark on their own art paths and/or just inspiring people to do makeup in general. Or now creating looks/designs/creations that people I've looked up to and admire, actually like back in return! omg It's amazing! 

I have something to prove to myself, for myself and the beginning of good things has never felt so good. I am beyond thankful.
Thank you for thinking my work enough to recreate and/or love--I truly appreciate it. 

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