Monday, October 1, 2018

🌜⭐️Mystical Inspirations Unboxing/Showcase (+Makeup Look) ⭐️🌛 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
As a lover of all things magical--I stumbled onto a lovely jewelry maker 
who creates such one-of-a-kind pieces from crystals and wire.

Her work is so breath-taking that I couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity 
to see if we could come together and create something from her work.

I told her I would create a work of art if she would send me something to inspire that creation. 
It was on a spur of the moment and quite frankly, I wasn't expecting her to respond at all. 
But she did and promptly, at that.

We exchanged brief words, asking me what my favorite colors were
and before I knew it, she was creating me what I am about to show you today.

Before I get to the showcase and makeup creation, 
I want to touch base with you guys more about her and her work:

She sent me her business card with a cute little note written on the backside.

(Taken from her website)
"As an artist and designer I started as a child, 
always loved to make things and collecting crystals. 
I went on to study art and photography after high school. 
I met my husband and left college to start a family. 
As my child got older, I started to create again."

"I then taught myself to work with wire 
and I started to create pieces with crystals for friends and family. 
This was how Mystical Inspirations was born."

"I cleanse, charge and bless all the stones that pass through me to their person.
I also offer other services.
I am a registered minister (non denomination) with the universal life church.
I perform weddings and hand-fastenings. 
I also teach meditation, spirit journeys and finding your own power.
I also offer crystal healing and energy work."

If you visit her website, you will see just how much time 
and dedication she puts into every single piece. 
Each item is designed and crafted by hand. 
So, you will be getting something unique and personal. 
As is said, every crystal, stone, jewel used has been blessed and energized.

The price point varies depending on what you want 
and if you want something custom-made to your liking. 
You will be paying for her time and energy, so serious buyers are a must. 
She also sells very cute $5 dollar ear cuffs, for those wanting to start off small 
and not invest too much so soon. 

But I highly advise in giving her a chance--
I have seen a lot of crowns that lack luster and appeal go for more than $500 dollars a pop. 
In my personal opinion, the price she sells most of her items for is very reasonable, 
considering the overall quality and design of her work.

Again, it depends on you and what you are willing to want.
I got mine for the sake of this showcase, 
but understand that my time and energy into my own art 
is payment in exchange for what I got.

Now, allow us into the showcase...shall we?

First impression as soon as I opened the box.
It was nicely wrapped inside this beautiful pink paper with a nice little note handwritten on it.

Everything was wrapped securely inside bubble-wrapping. 
The ear cuffs were everything I'd imagine them to be. Very elegant and well detailed. 
Since I told her that my favorite colors were black/teal, she beautifully crafted these cuffs just for me.
Look at that craftsmanship and wire-work. 

I'm very impressed with the quality of her work. They fit perfectly, resting on each ear without wobbling or falling off.
I used to own some elf-like ear cuffs from some Etsy seller once upon a time. They were a bit flimsy that when I would wear them, they'd end up inside my hair from falling off. I don't have to worry about that sort of thing with these, which is nice. 

I especially love the wire-work around the Crystals. It's so beautifully done in such an elegant way that really pleases me. The stones are secured, as well and will not fall off or wobble, either. 

The little dangling quartz point is such a nice touch. It rests right on my third-eye, which pleases me so much.

Look at those stones!! 

I really hope I'm doing the crown justice. I wanted to have some earth in with the showcasing.
The contrast of the plants with the beautiful crown really looks great together. 

I love the heart-like wrap around. It's so femme and perfect. 

I was so inspired by this set. All these ideas came rushing into my head. 
 Since the name for this beautiful crown/ear cuff set is called "The Crystal Maiden"
I played around with that concept and created exactly what the name represents.

Here is my take on The Crystal Maiden:
"The Crystal Maiden, she does weep
for the secrets...she does keep
a lonely life, as far as we're told
but a loving heart, as pure as gold.

She hasn't spoken, not for years
And no one knows why.
she just cries and produces tears
That fall like crystals from her eye

As soon as I seen the beautiful Quartz Crystals dangling on the crown,
I instantly thought of our lady's sorrow.
As she weeps, a new crystal is created--thus, The Crystal Maiden! 

The tears were made from Hot Glue. They look like clear quartz crystals, so it worked wonderfully for me.

The ear cuff, it's so beautiful.
I really wanted to grasp the concept of "Magical" and "Otherworldly." 
Another ear cuff shot. Because I really wanted to get a good photo of it. 
The lips were supposed to resemble a blue stone, all it's own. 
The sun was setting outside, as I was getting photographed. It really gave this look a very astral appeal.

I pulled my hair out of my face for a few shots, to really get a photo of all the items together. I felt like some magical warrior shield maiden in this look. hahaa

This has to be my personal favorite--the look, the expression, the position. I love it all. 
Everything beautiful ties together nicely. I love it so much! 
The crown is so gorgeous. I really hope I gave it justice with this look. 
And the last one, I couldn't have made this beautiful look without the jewelry pieces.
They really tie everything together and give life to my look. I'm beyond pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you for reading and looking over my post.
I really hope you were stunned by the items Mystical Inspirations sent me
and also, with the look I created for it.
Thank you Jessica, for giving me this opportunity to create such a glorious look with your work.
I can't wait to wear this beauty out in public and get some comments on it. 

If you'd like to check out Mystical Inspirations, you can find the website HERE!
As well as the Etsy HERE!
Also, follow Mystical Inspirations on FACEBOOK!
I will be posting a YouTube video of my unboxing soon, so look out for that! 

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