Monday, October 1, 2018

👀 The Creation of My Momo 👀 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
As promised, here is a WIP (Work in progress) post to showcase some of the highlighted moments I took in the overall construction of my Momo cosplay.

This was probably the more simpler cosplay I have ever done, but still took a great portion of my time and effort to construct.

The main focal point being the mask.
I have never actually created a "mask" before, so this was new territory for me.
I was also doing something new with latex to construct a thicker material.
By mixing flour with latex, I created a sort of "Slop" that I molded into a mask.
It took some time and a lot of hands-on work to finish, but the overall look came out perfect.

There was a lot of hits and misses but I now know what to do and what not to do.
The thrill of trial and error. lol

Here is the raw, not even dry, momo mask.
This was after a few days of drying. I went over the thing a few more times, to really gain some thickness. 
My brother helped style the wig. He is so good with wigs, I just run to him whenever I need help. I wanted the same wet-look momo had, and he set it up nicely. This image was just him putting the fresh wig on top of a styling head for prep. 
Adding flesh tones and pupil's. 

Here I am, just adding more colors to the mask. Finishing up the details and adding depth.

The bangs, I wanted the same let and sparse look to them. So, my brother set me up nicely, as well. 
I used flesh-toned gloves to create momo's arms. I also added black talons with glue. 
A better shot of my mask, with a little more tweaking and perfecting. 
My brother putting on my mask. We both wanted to see if it looked identical or close-to. lol

As I was doing the mask details, my brother was creating two--that's right--two wigs. His and mine. He is phenomenal with wigs, you have no idea. 

I think I did momo justice with this cosplay.
Thinking outside the box, me and my brother came up with the idea that momo could be
"sitting on a pedestal" by wearing a long black skirt. The flesh tones and black on blacks, really brought this look to life. 
I am so pleased with myself and my brother this year.
Despite the funk that happened with attending the actual event, we both created some awesome cosplays regardless.
Hopefully next year will be better but I am still pretty proud of the lengths me and my brother went through.

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