Wednesday, October 24, 2018

☙Stevie Nicks Inspired Makeup Look❧ | Hannabal Marie

The look in question. lol

Hello ladies and gents
Thought I'd do a quick little Stevie Nicks inspired look today.
You ever wake up and think to yourself;
"Hey self, I think I want to be Stevie Nicks today?"

She is so beautiful. So out-of-this-world beautiful! 

Me and Stevie have a lot in common--especially those dark gorgeous eyes! 

I adore this woman, so so much.

My mom loved her, so I listened to Fleetwood Mac a lot growing up.
I grew to really love Stevie as I aged. And in some way, see a bit of myself behind those brown eyes of hers.

No? Only me? Okay! lol
But in all seriousness, I just found these vintage 90s boots a while back
and I have been dying to wear them with SOMETHING.
When I dug around in my room,
I found a few pieces that resembled Stevie and I kinda was inspired from there.

The shoes I got the other day. Very witchy, I love love love pointy witchy boots. 

So, this is a mixture of boredom and a lot of coffee. lol

Very minimal makeups.
Just keeping to the brows and eyes--more than anything else.
But it was very easy, considering we have a lot of similar features.  
I did, however, take to dancing in the backyard.
I couldn't help myself. This was kinda what I was doing down the aisles at the supermarket. 

I ended up dancing so much that I fell.
But I looked good when I did, so I kept the shot. lol

That is all.
I have fulfilled my mythical needs
and desires by floating around
the local supermarket twirling my scarf
and swaying to the music in my head.

heads were turned, eyes were all on me.
So many people thought I was a lunatic but...
quite honestly, they already do anyways.
Why not give them something to really talk about. lol

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