Wednesday, October 31, 2018

💀Zombie Walk 2018💀 | Hannabal Marie

Me and my posse! 

Hello ladies and gents
Zombie Walk 2018 was, by far, one of my favorite Zombie Walks I have ever attended.
I am assuming that's because the city has decided to come be apart of this event and take it under their wing by calling it the 'Zombie Walk & Halloween Faire' which allows more people to do more things aside from the usual "Zombie" that everyone has been doing.
Which can get quite boring after the 100th zombie infected wound makeup look. Trust me, it does.

With more to offer and more to costume up as, it has given my little hometown something to finally call it's own. 

Of course, there are a few bad apples but this year--one or two didn't spoil the whole bunch. 

So many kind people dressing up as all sorts of fun little things--
like an UFO abductee, Dinosaurs and so many clowns!!!!!!!! 
I felt right at home this year, which is saying heaps from years past!

The clown nose that started it all. 

As I have made clear, to those who have been following me elsewhere, I have been waiting patiently for this day to arrive because my Zombie Walk costume was one I have been dying to dress up as...
A big o' inflatable clown! 

It was one of those Walgreen "Wear a nose" day things. I found it, still in wraps, at the thrift store. 
 So, without further delay--here are some pictures from the Zombie Walk:


Me getting my balloons situated. 

Me just walking around the street, jerking people's heads. lol

Me and my brother--dressed to kill! :3

The background looks like I exploded everywhere...the floor looks like I tinkled. Hehe Hoho

Some people gathering around the entrance way.

People forming lines, for whatever reason. lol

I'm happy to be here, boss.
Sidenote: Yep, I accentuated my double chin for this clown project.
(It was a lot of hard work and dedication--makeup to make it look bigger...smooshing my neck inwards 'til it hurt like heck AND a whole lotta cheeseburgers!)
Nope, I don't regret a thing. I look awesome! :)

My brother--looking holier than thou. 

Dem titties, tho.

Our parents, being proud of us...
I swear, I didn't pay them to take this photo. hahaa

I wanted a photo in front of this store with Halloween decorations.
Why? idk I just wanted a photo in front of this store with Halloween decorations. 

Same goes for my brother. 

This lady and her awesome costume! 

More people gathering around.

us getting into position.
Also, I honked my horn at everyone.
People were quite irriated. QUITE! 

My brother being a holy hoe and me...grooving to the music. Let the rhythm move me, baby. 

Mike looking all cool, blending in real well with the rest of the folk.

This cool kid won the entire walk.
Kind, respectful AND wore an awesome costume! 

I don't know who this person was, nor did I catch a name but...
whoever you are, you were AWESOME! 

Seriously awesome! 

I'm being dead serious here. 

Very very serious. You and your whole family were amazing people! 

I hope you find these photos and like 'em.
I took all of these for you. :) <3 

Either the same Mike or a different one--either way, cool guy.

Same lady with her awesome costume.

More kids cheering me on. 

Just a photo of the place, to show ya how full it was. 

Cool mask guy here. 

Looky-loos and peekaboos.

This guy.

Me and a bunch of cool kids wanting pics with the clown.

This guy again.

People selling stuff. 

Me gathering all my clown energy not to honk at the next person that walks by asking if "I ate today"
Ha. Ha. Ha. Very original. Funny joke is funny.

My brother doing this thang.

He looked so damn amazing in his costume.
Legs for daysss hoe.

Me with a group of ladies that nearly tore my arm off for a photo.
I lie. They didn't. But, it looks like it, huh? hehehe

Another bunch of kids wanting clown pics.

My dad wanted to take a photo with Mikey.

Nice costume, guy. :P lol jkjk


Me feeling myself. Feeling myself. Feeling my.

Awesome couple with awesome costumes.

No, seriously...awesome as heck! 

People trying to get zombies together.
Probably with a bullet to the brain, but you get the picture. 

My dad in the center, dancing it up. 

Halp, I fallen and I can't get up.
No, seriously...I did. 

Nice photo, though.
Big o' clowny next to my future husband...trashcan. 

Wanna balloon? 

Will you...bury me? Ehem. I mean, marry. will you marry my trashcan?
I took your kid, kid. 

My brother stepping up his heel game. 

Kids came when we were taking pics and starting jumping on us, so we bounced. lmfao

 Here are some images I have found online:
Found via Google Search. 

Found via Google Search. 

Found via Google Search. 

My makeup was heavily inspired by Mr. Gacy.
But I also was inspired by The Violator from Spawn.
I love that guy, so so much. The spawn clown--not the killer.
I don't love Gacy, he just has good makeups. 
You did amazing--clown nose and outfit.
Thank you, very very much.
And that, folks, was Zombie Walk 2018.
I also took some videos, which will be up either later today or tomorrow...
but if i forget--I will definitely post as soon as I humanly can.
Halloween is today, so please forgive me if I forget.

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