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Bitemares Horror Teeth "Souleater" Showcase/Review | Hannabal Marie

I really love the packaging these shipped in.
I am going to keep mine in their packaging and display them proudly.

Hello ladies and gents
Being someone who is into doing character looks 
and monster spfx makeup--
having a good set of fake teeth really helps to tie your whole look together. 

If having contact lenses can really bring life to a look--
fake teeth would be at the top of this list, as well. 

They really look realistic.
They also make me have a larger mouth, fuller lips and looking all kissable. lmao

Nothing sells a design, character, etc like a good set of teeth. 
I can't even begin to tell you how important it is for someone like me 
to own a nice realistic set of monster teeth. 

Before I purchased this set, 
I used to create my own with pathetic materials 
that wouldn't hold up for more than a few usages. 

All you need was included, so that's good.

They were a sad excuse for monster teeth and quite honestly, it was all I had on hand. 
And, of course, I own way too many "fake vampire teeth" to even begin explaining. lol
but they would always look cheap and very silly, 
so I never really used them for more than just mere play. 

I digress--the reason behind this post is because the costume I am doing for Halloween 
and the costume I wore for Zombie Walk all needed some good Monster teeth that couldn't be achieved with my own human teeth. haha

They look so real. I love the shading and shadowing.

So, I took to online searching and fell upon this brand called
Bitemares, Horror Teeth from Trick or Treat Studios.

They are the makers of the widely known Billy Bob teeth--
or what I have found out from a quick little google search. 

The back of the packaging looked like this.

 A bit from the back of the packaging:
'Trick or Treat Studios has worked with special effects industry professionals to make some truly horrific teeth to complete your look. Hollywood FX teeth specialists Chris Gallaher and Aaron Globerman have worked on many spectacular films creating makeup and teeth for actors to help truly get them into character. We wanted to bring the movie quality look to you."

The bottoms weren't as neat, though.
They did have some plastic pieces flatted out at the tips--probably where the mold was resting when it was made/cured.
I will have to either carefully snip them off or color them black to conceal them.

I will have to say that the overall look and design of these teeth really amazed me, 
which was why I placed the purchase. 
True, that all of their teeth are equally breath-taking--
but Soul Eater was the set that really captured exactly what I was looking for. 

But I do love how they look.
I can do all kinds of monsters using them.

They weren't cheaply made or plasticy, like some of the other ones I've bought in my past. 
the paint job is nice, very detailed and full of eerie character. 

There was also instructions on the inside of the packaging that told you, in step-by-step detail, how to go about getting them to stick on and stay on. 
Very clear and very easy to follow--which is nice because the last thing on my mind is having to decipher the instruction manual or having to decode a complex one.

The insert also included some very easy to read/follow steps.

These next couple of images are just to show the easy process--
in this photo I am just heating up the pellets to make them malleable. 
And placing my teeth into hot water, to mold them to the shape of my own teeth.
The only thing I have to say negative about these teeth is their "staying power."
Since these are both uppers and lowers, they are a bit tricky to wear.
I can see these being very hard to wear, especially for someone with a tiny mouth.
They did happen to protrude a bit inside my own mouth, slightly but enough to feel and notice.

Another negative was that my set came slightly deformed.
It wasn't much of a burden nor a problem considering I can fix them myself
but I don't know if many others would be happy with them shipping in this state.
The bottoms had a bit of clear plastic flattening out the bottom tips.
I had to snip some of it off but it ruined the "pointy" illusion for some of the bottom teeth.
Just something to consider--you might be shipped a pair in this state, or not.
It depends on the set you get and how they came out after being made.

And the last thing--you WILL need a form of denture adhesive. 
Merely for extra protection, especially if you are planning to wear these for professional work or a movie, something like that. 
I went to an event that needed me to be around the public and scaring people, so I needed to secure them in place with a bit of denture cream to keep them from sliding off my upper teeth. 

Without it, you will definitely feel them slide off.
So, you will be having to constantly fix them or push the bottoms to the uppers to keep them in place. Even with the whole plastic pellet tooth impression thing to "snap them in place," they still kept sliding downwards. 

So, I highly highly advise in wearing some adhesive. 
but other than that, they worked wonders and people kept commenting about them.
Mostly out of fear but you get the picture. hahaa

This is what it looks like after you do the impression with the pellets.
Kinda messy but they snap on pretty good--with the exception of the tops sliding off. 
I really love these teeth and I am already investing in trying to get them all.
They sell so many different kinds--Zombie, Undead, Ogre, ID, Wolf, Demon 
and of course, the one I bought, Souleater.

I love them, though.
So so much! 

I would like to get them all and it would be a wise decision, 
considering I do a lot of looks and having an arsenal at my disposal 
would greatly benefit me and my work. 

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