Friday, October 26, 2018

🎃 Pumpkin Inspired Halloween Nails 🎃 | Hannabal Marie

I wanted some nice nails to go with my new shirt.
Hence the color combo and mini pumpkin.

Hello ladies and gents
it is that time of year and since it is fast approaching
I decided to take this opportunity to create some nails. 

These are my Pumpkin/Halloween inspired nails. 

I found this cool nail polish at Walmart. I wanted to test it out. 

To be quite frank, 
it was just an excuse to use this new 
black glow-light nail polish I got myself the other day. 

This nail polish was AHHH-mazing! The color wasn't too too black, but a nice soft creme colored black.

The nail polish wasn't as black as a typical black nail polish--
in fact, it was more blueish than black. Perhaps a creme black (with a blue hue) 
due to the fact it is a glow-in-black light nail polish. 

I also painted the undersides bright vivid orange.
I love when I wave at people and have them be surprised over the color changing effect. 

but despite that fact, it actually is very beautiful and these photos prove just that. 

I thought that the best thing I can do to showcase this nail polish
in it's full glory was to make something for Halloween. 

Sure, I could have just done some basic black nails..but I ain't basic! ;) hahaa

I actually wanted to make some basic black nails, 
so that was the reason behind behind getting the nail polish in the first place. 
but it dawned on me later that I could do a "pumpkin" themed set. 

Not gonna lie--this is probably my favorite photo on this whole post.
I like that it looks like my arms are joined together. hahaa

So, I kept it quite simple.
I made a small pumpkin out of acrylic and painted the underside with orange nail polish.
*another polish I got that I wanted to use, as well. 

The stem is made from my actual pumpkin's stem. Thanks pumpkin, for allowing me to use some of you. 

I really love how they turned out, as well.
I mean, you can't really go wrong with a good black nail polish.
The stem on the pumpkin was a little piece from our actual pumpkin this year.
Just a little section of the stem, itself. 
Carved down and painted green to create a mini pumpkin stem for the acrylic one I sculpted. 

Gotta love long talons for Halloween!
Luckily for me, Halloween is everyday! 
I am in love with those red stiletto nails with the red underside--
so I took inspiration from those 
but painted the undersides orange instead of red.

Orange and black go beautifully together! 
 I am going to be doing a video and post soon about some tarot cards.
I like to do a personal reading for myself every year--
but this shall be the first time I document it.
I want to be more active on my profiles, hence the frequent posts.
So, I want to bring the witchy side to life, as well. 

I'm very proud of my new set of nails! 

But the reason I bring up my tarot reading is because 
I will surely be wearing these nails when I do it.

I could go natural with the reading, but hey--it's Halloween.
It's either go big or go home! 

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