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🔎The Deadbolt Mystery Society "The Wrath Of Nero" Unboxing/Solving🔍 ((SPOILERS)) | Hannabal Marie

This is from my YouTube video on my channel.

Hello ladies and gents, Hannabal Marie here. 
A while back I was given this subscription box as a means to unbox
on my YouTube channel
but I decided to go a bit further and create a sort of mini movie
on my channel about me and my brother solving the thing.

I, of course, didn't have to go to such extents but I felt it necessary.
Also, I don't like to be plain and simple when I can be out of the ordinary and extreme. lol

The box itself is such an amazing subscription.
Every month is different and in every month, a new case has to be solved and cracked.
You are playing your own personal detective and trying your best (with or without friends) to solve a specific case in a certain amount of time. 
*basically until the next month releases a new case*

These Mysteries-In-A-Box differ in price, depending on what you are looking for. 
Some people want to make a one-time purchase while others want a full year subscription.
But to sum it all down--
It's around $24.99 a box (again depending on the actual box. 
But The Wrath of Nero is being sold for that specific price on the website) 
**Note--it says that The Wrath of Nero is ALMOST sold out. 
One-Time purchases can be found HERE!

But if all this doesn't cut it for you, 
they also sell monthly packs--where you can actually prepay for months before they are even out.
Month To Month--$24.99
3 Month Prepay--$69.99
6 Month Prepay--$134.99
You can select your plan, HERE!

And they also have the option to send a plan as a "gift"
That option can be found HERE!

All the important stuff out of the way, allow me to get to the showcase on my behalf. 

🔎___________________The Wrath Of Nero Subscription Box__________________🔍

I had all my tools ready to pry this baby open. 
I really loved the overall look of the box itself.
The fact they put their "case file" on the cover of the actual box makes it a great collector item.
I am a little upset that my postman presented me with such a bent up box, but at least nothing is missing. lol

I had to dig deep into my inner detective to get started on this case. 

Coffee at my side, tools at my disposal. I am ready! 
The unboxing was a fun thing--I have the whole video up on my YouTube channel, for those curious. 

Inside the box, I got this handwritten letter from The Willstreet Detective Agency.
(I folded it and added the extras, because well..I'm extra! haha)

Inside the box, we also got these little coupons and advertisements. 

With the advert page, we also got a news clipping and a Hampstead Zoo Magnet. 

Alongside the Magnet and clipping, we also got some angelic codes and a decoding page. 

More pages were included--like the black angel wings, chess board page, violins and random words with roman numerals.

Some coordinates, a quote and a page that specifies how to "dismantle the bomb"

We got these 4 cards with the mention of 4 horsemen in the biblical scriptures. 

On the back of the cards, a little more information can be seen about each horseman.

Poetry, a beautiful art piece and the magnet. 

The letter to "The Lambs of Hampstead" from the Madman himself. 

Me trying to play detective with my magnifying glass. lol
Some flyers and a sketchy looking dude. lol

Some Doctor notes that look as if the Madman got ahold of it before the police/detectives. 

More stuff, for wandering eyes. 

I went a little overboard with the details, I will admit.
I put a paper clip on the newsclipping and put it on all the paper files which I inserted into a filing folder. lol

Some strange decoding note. Ransom note, perhaps?
Who knows, we'll have to crack the codes to find out.

Just getting artsy with my items, I can't help it. lol

Included in the box were these two cards. 

These two cards flipped around. lol
This is a collector card, that is nicely secured in a collectors case.
I like that they actually put the card in one of these little nifty cases, helps those who collect cards.

The front of the card had this cool art piece.
"Nero" with a design of, I assume, is the madman? Maybeee.

I like that they actually include, on the back of their company card, a link to where you can get help or look for hints. 

Where you can purchase yourself a box or two! lol

I decided to get really down and dirty with my detecting.
Was it the Hampstead Zoo? The Tiberius Bridge? The St. Pauls Church?? HMMMM.

We also got this page on Hampstead Stakes. 
And lastly, more stuff I wanted to include. lol

🔎_______________________Solving ThCase_______________________🔍

With everything unboxed and out in the open, I began to look at everything individually.
With the help of my partner, Ghost Lee, we found our first clue--the Sudoku!! 

Following the clues given (and with help from the hint page on the good occasion) we found out what this puzzle was hiding. Trust me, the hint page isn't what you might be thinking--I thought it would give answers that would spoil our fun, so I was a bit scared (and slightly too stubborn) to look but when we were much too stumped, we found out that...they didn't give anything but what puzzle went with what items in the box. That's it. We had to decode and come up with answers ourselves. lol Not that I'm complaining, because at the end of everything--we all felt like champions but yeaaah! Thought I'd mention this bit of information!

"Wings are found here" Location, perhaps? Maybe. 

Me and my partner were looking for every mention of "wings" and seen that the advert page had a TON of wings! lol
Next puzzle was just putting all the locations down on a map. 
Some more answers from our log book.
Looks like scribbles but that just means we were really using that grey matter. lol
This puzzle was a bit tricky, you had to decode the poem and calculate all the numbers.
Following this pattern, you'd find out the red horseman's number to detonate the bomb. 
Everything all laid out for eyes to see.
The map puzzle had to be thought up a lot, using your skills in coordinates--you had to follow the hints given on the "X" page.
We have suspicions, a lot of them. 
We are getting closer to dismantling this thing!! I can feel it!!!! 
My partner was searching for hidden clues--so he was highlighting away. 
Angelic codes being decoded. 
Answers to some of the puzzles.
"No Performances In The Blast Zone" 
More images to add into this post. lol
Adverts adding up.
Theatre? Performances? HMMM
We were getting closer to the Green Horseman's code! 
Figuring hidden sentences between bites of cake. lol
"Money Needed Here"
Possible Location? Airport? Theatre? 
Time to decode this jumbled set of words. 
Going back and forth, sideways and allways.
We came up with:
"When the bomb detonates, it will be found inside.."

The black horseman's code is found on this page only. 
Scribbles, using that grey matter. lol
Our log book was looking rather...scribbled! lol
Getting closer, pretty close! 
White Lightening--White Horseman?
We went around, with all the codes--notes--messages--ect...and check marked everything.
The only thing that wasn't checkmarked was...the AIRPORT! 


Using the formula specified to dismantle the bomb--putting in the correct numbers in the correct sequence.

And it couldn't possibly end without something said by the madman himself:

🔎______________The Conclusion______________🔍

I have to say a few things about this specific box.
As what has been said, this box is different 
from what The Deadbolt Mystery Society usually puts out. 

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was making it out to be.
When me and my family were decoding things and trying to find clues--
we were going above and beyond ourselves.
Thinking we had to think like the madman, get into the head of the madman, ect. 
Which wasn't needed at all.
I don't know how better to explain this 
but when we were solving the case--we didn't expect it to be so obvious in answers.

Like for instance, the clue about the black horseman's code number.
We had to contact the actual company and ask for help
(as is requested on the card, when stumped)
and the answer was so obvious that I felt the confusion
and annoyance in both me and the person having to deal with me. lol

I don't want to ruin everything,
especially for those still playing this box or wanting to play this box
but the answer was soooo silly that it left me dumbfounded for a few minutes.
I guess that is more my fault than the actual box--
we, me and my family, were making things out to be a lot more than they actually were.

Just a tip, for those playing--
don't think too far than what you have before you.
If something says the answer, go with it.
Don't sit there and try to squeeze blood out of a turnip, as that old saying goes. lol

Another mention--the puzzles/clues/ect. 
I really wished some of the puzzles were put together with their decoder.
(Either put into "file formation" or inserted into envelopes that claimed "confidential"--
seeing how this box was supposed to have come from The Willstreet Detective Agency before handed over to me. So, making it look as if the agency filed it beforehand with what needed to go with what, would have been most useful.)

Like the Sudoku puzzle and all the little bits of pages that correspond with it.
I know that most of the puzzles are self explanatory but a few of them,
I wouldn't have known went with each other had I never took a peek at that hint page.
I believe that everything is scattered for the convenience of the "hint link" that redirects you back to their website but when I am in the midst of playing, the last thing on my mind is going to my laptop to look up an answer. Just being honest. 

But as I said, it's not a bad subscription box.
It was actually pretty fun to play detective for a few hours. 
I like the concept and the creativity behind the construction of the box.
The delivery was good but if these things were slightly altered, it would be better. 
I'm no professional in the field, mind you--but from a confused person's standpoint
things would have been easier to decipher than to sit 
and gawk at for hours trying to make something out of nothing.

or, if all this sounds "too much"...I think the biggest help would be a card inserted into the box to tell you what puzzle went with what.
Or put the information that is included at the "hint link" into the box.
On the inner portion of the box lid, perhaps?
It doesn't really give too much information away, in terms of a "hint"--
so, I think including it into the actual box might help those who need it at hand,
rather than logging online to find the link.
(my internet went down twice during this, due to a power surge.
So, I'm just thinking for those who might not have access to internet or something along those lines!)

But regardless, it was fun.
We also got a cool collector card from this box to remind us of this case.
A trophy, if you will. 

🔎______________Where You Can Find Them______________🔍

If you want to find The Deadbolt Mystery Society, you can find them below:
🔎______________YouTube Videos "Of The Wrath Of Nero"______________🔍

I also created a mini movie, for those visually inclined:

And here is a better unboxing of it, for those wanting to see in better detail:

(I received this box for free in exchange for my evaluation and showcase)

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