Monday, October 8, 2018

🎃🐶Halloween Haul Pt. 4--Dog Toys & Halloween Makeup! (99 Cents Store/Walmart)🐶🎃 | Hannabal Marie

The bunch of stuffs I got this round.

Hello ladies and gents,
I just came back from shopping (Yet again! haha) 
and I gathered some stuff to post today. 

As I already made clear and will probably keep repeating in every. single. post--
This is the ONLY time of year I am THIS active. lol
Not even going to hide it. 
I don't care much for any other holiday, 
despite the love I do have for decorating for every occasion...
no other holiday on the face of this earth can or will ever make me go crazy 
quite as well as Halloween does. 

I didn't have a lot of money on hand today, just a few bucks.
But as is the ritual, you must gather what you can when you can gather it. lol
I seen some makeup there that I will surely bulk buy when I get paid but I just wanted to test out the quality of the makeup beforehand.

So, this post is just consisting of trial things. Is it worth it, is it not?
I will let you guys know and if I like what I bought, I'll go ham next pay day! lol

I seen nailpolishes in multiple colors. I'm hoping that the polish isn't sheer because I don't quite like sheer polishes. Unless I plan to put it on top of another bold color.
I hope the eyeshadow palattes are pigmented and that the lippie is matte.
A lot of hoping, so here we go!

First Item I Got--This Sugar Skull Bag.
They usually always have a new cute bag hanging on the walls and this was among the selected few. 

Next Item--Bone Suspenders. 

I am a suspender hoe. lol
I love the look and feel of having them on.
I own quite a few of them already, but I don't have this kind.
I also seen a blood splatter one, which I will get when I get paid again. (If they still have 'em. I hope, I hope!)

Next Item--The Witch Princess Palette from Smoke & Mirrors. 

They actually have quite a few of these little palettes. If this stuff is actually nice, I will come back and buy them all.
*or as much as I can fit in a single basket! hahaa*

I chose this color set because my mom was eyeballing them.
I want to do her makeup soon, so I grabbed the one she liked. She ended up liking the 'Witch Princess'! ;)
Another item I got for my mom--Matte Liquid Lip Cream in this purpley shade. Another Smoke & Mirrors purchase. 

I need to admit something, I am starting to fall in love with Smoke & Mirrors.
If I could be their ambassador or face model for them...I'd do it in a heartbeat. THAT is how much I love 'em! 
Next Item--Crystal Crush Liquid Glitter in Lunar Moon by Cherimoya. (Max Makeup!)

I never heard of this brand but it looks so pretty. The text on the product is gorgeous and the look of the packaging is nice.
I needed some liquid glitz for my eye looks, so hence the random purchase. 

Not gonna lie, another big factor in my making the purchase was the cap.
Just look at the little doodles on it! GAHHH! 

But my oh my, that pigmentation! 

Just a random set of photos to really show off that packaging. Sheesh.
My brother helped holding the packaging for me, since I was handling the camera. lol
But hellooooo, Cherimoya...if Smoke & Mirrors doesn't want can have me. lol

Another Item--Quick Drying Nail Polish in Blue. Another Smoke & Mirrors purchase. 
My brother is my hand model for this polish because he has beautiful hands and nails to show the color off perfectly.
I was quite amazed with the application and color. It's the PERFECT teal shade I personally love.
My favorite color, to be quite honest. (Hence the purchase!) and it dries MATTE! YES!!!!!!!
I wish they had a black matte shade, I would buy that out! hahaa
And now, onto the purchases I nabbed at Wally World. lol

Now we are moving onto Walmart Purchases. Just some basic essentials and random buys. lol

My brother actually found this for me in the discount bin.
They were selling all of these Harley Quinn file folders for cheap. So, I nabbed one.
I love the artwork on the back and front covers so so much.

Next Item--Apricot Scrub Facial Cleanser. Needed some, got some. lol

Next Item--EXTREME Strength Glue Stick. Another discounted purchase. On sale, hadda get.
Not only is it great for eyebrows and facial hair covering, but it's just a good purchase when you need a glue stick.
I'm a crafty woman, what can I say? hahaa

Next Item--Halloween Chewy Dog Toy. 

It's a kind of tradition to get our dog a new Halloween toy every year.
Last year we got him the devil, this year--a mummy. 

I am amazed by the quality of the actual toy...we've had the devil for a whole year and it's still holding up nicely.
Just doesn't have an eyeball anymore, though. hahaha

And lastly, Glade was having a sale on their fragrant sprays.
They also had some new scents out, as well.
This was among the many--Warm Flannel Embrace. A fern, Sandalwood and Cardamom scent.
Very warm and enticing. 
Tha-tha-that's all, folks! 
That is all I got this haul.
Mostly makeup and some dog related stuff.
Like I said, I didn't have a lot of money on hand--
so, this was just a spur of the moment, I-wanna-buy-before-I-forget kinda thing. lol

I still hope you liked the post regardless.

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