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📌 Wasteland Pin Co. Showcase/Review 📌 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today's post is about a lovely pin company called
Wasteland Pin Co.

I have already done an unboxing on my YouTube channel, for those curious.
This post is just going to be a showcase/review on each pin individually.
highlighting what I think of them, their price and the overall construction of them in general.
Is it worth the dollar amount or is it not? That sort of deal. 

They shipped to me individually wrapped for my convenience. 

Wasteland pin co., for those wondering, is a enamel pin company that sells a wide variety of horror movie themed pins/keychains.
They have a lot of wonderful classic themed horror movies up on their website--like Nosferatu, Scream, The Freddy/Jason franchisee and all of those classics.
With some pins being marked "Limited Edition" are getting a one-of-a-kind gem to wear and own. 

Look at the bunch of goodies I got! I can't wait to wear them! 

They do sell reprints and as far as I am concerned, they also seem to do a few restocks when the demand is strong but most of the ones I will be showing you today is still up for grabs, with the exception of one of them. 

I will be including direct links to where you can purchase that specific pin, unless it isn't available.
So, if you like a pin, just click on the intro name and it will redirect you to it.
So, enough with this banter--I will talk more at the end, so let us begin with the showcase:

So many pins, I am so happy right now! 

_____________It Can't Rain All The Time_____________
This is, obviously, The Crow. 

Compared to my own hand, it's pretty big. 
It also has this lovely quote on the back of the pin itself. 

I couldn't be more happier, considering The Crow is one of many of my personal favorite movies/comics ever! 

Every pin I will show you today will have a themed "outfit" I put together for every one.
This look was inspired by the movie with Brandon Lee--
Black Leather Body Cincher, Black Peek-a-boo body-con shirt, A leather jacket (not shown) & assorted accessories--A ring on a black cord necklace and black rope waist-belt. 
I decided to go all leather and black with my outfit look.
I didn't have an engagement ring but I did have a skeleton hand ring. lol

It's such a lovely pin. The silhouette is amazing in front of the window. 

As someone who loves The Crow, I am pleased to own this little gem! 

🐝________Sweets To The Sweet________🐝
Another one of my personal favorites--Candyman! 

It's another great sized pin compared to my hand.

"Be My Victim" on the back of this pin. 
I need to stress how much Candyman means to me--It was one of a few movies I grew up watching over and over again.
So, being able to sport this pin around town proudly, is going to be something amazing! 

I, of course, happily put together a look for this pin.
Keeping to the outfit that you seen on the movie--I paired the pin with a few items I had on hand.
Black/White scarf, Golden bee pins, A vintage cream fur shawl & this glorious wine-trimmed house-robe. 

A look I will gladly wear outside the house during the Christmas season, I assure you.

I plan to wear this for Christmas this year.
The outfit reminds me of something I can see myself lounging around the house in. 
I love the design on this pin.
Looks like we are seeing a scene from the reflection of someone's eyeball.
It's quite lovely. 

Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell___
The next pin I received was this upside down cross baring the face of Linda Blair and the silhouette of the priest.
Quite obviously, The Exorcist. One of my brother's favorite films ever created. 

This pin is such a lovely size and the overall design is something I really love.
I can see myself putting this on a vest or a nice leather bag. 

Unlike the first pins I shown you, the back of this pin only has a "W" there. 
Such a dainty little thing but so full of details!! 
Another good mention--the pin itself glows-in-the-dark!
I tried to get a video clip for you guys to see, but to no avail.
But I did capture this good image of it glowing instead! 

The outfit look I created for this pin was very much inspired by Linda Blair's character!
I was going to do a cool priest look but thought I was already doing too many dark looks.
i.e. The Crow and such.
So, I wanted something a little more girly, cutesy & very demented. lol
I also put my mannequin's head on backwards. lol
I think the contrast of the pin & the pink top really looks nice.
I really love this pin, the fact it glows-in-the-dark is probably the cause of that love! lol

_____________________The Neon Demon_____________________
I was also given this cute little button pin. The retail for about $1 dollar a pop.
I am tempted to go back and purchase a few more, just to have a vest full of them.
These were the types of pins I used to wear on my jackets and JanSport backpacks, back in the day! lol

This beautiful blonde lady is from a movie called; "The Neon Demon"

One of the more modern flicks (2016) about an aspiring model whose beauty and youth, which generate intense fascination and jealousy within the fashion industry, may prove themselves sinister.
I decided to create a look that was very neon themed and fashionable.
I put the pin on the collar of this Yellow/Pink Neon colored blouse, with my bloody choker and blonde bob. 
I like that the pin has the company name inside the blood.
"Wasteland Pin Co"
I can easily see myself collecting the button pins and putting them all on at once. lol

🔪_____________Death of Casey (Slider Pin)___________🔪
This has to be one of my favorites from the bunch.
Merely because this specific pin jiggles and moves. 

Scream was one of the very few flicks I used to watch over and over again as a kid.
So, owning this is like owning a piece of my childhood. 

I love that this pin is a slider functioned one.
So, when you wear the pin, as you walk--the pin will move and it will look as if the bloody hand is shaking.
It's so cool! 

The back of this pin has the name; "Phantasmagoric"
I decided to stick with the outfit he wears in the film.
I wanted to do an outfit like Casey but I didn't have a cream colored sweater on hand. Dang it!
But I just wore a basic black hooded jacket to showcase this pin this time! 

I love the size of this pin--it can easily be seen from afar. 
I would love to dress like Casey but again, no cream colored sweater. lol
As soon as I find one, I'll dress like her--that is a promise. 
I also did a mini video of the slider in action. 
The next pin is one from Stranger Things--Eleven.
(Sorry, they are no longer selling these. Apparently, this was a limited edition one!)

I love that this pin says "Bitchin" on it.  I do say that selected curse word a lot, so it's fitting. lol

I want to just show how detailed this pin is.
From the eyes to the nosebleed. 

Just like the Exorcist pin, this one also has just a "W" on the back. 
I, of course, had to do her signature look using this pin. lol (or what I had on hand that resembled it!)
I couldn't help myself.
A pink polka-dotted blouse, under a white dress shirt and a blue zipper jacket. 
I actually might wear this combo, complete with nose bleed, around town.
I'm very tempted. I just might! lol
I used my tablet for the waffles, I wanted to buy some in time for this product shooting but never got around to it.
So, hopefully this still looks nice. lol
🔴__________________Nosferatu Keychain___________________🔴
And lastly--this beautiful Nosferatu Keychain.
It's a pretty big sized keychain. I was so happy to see it in my parcel. 

I went ahead and put it on my everyday hand bag. 

I think it looks nice against the blood-red cherries.
I am a very proud owner of this keychain because this just so happens to be another one of my personal favorites.
It's so beautiful that I feel I need to go out and buy a coffin-shaped bag JUST for this keychain! I will, I will. 

_____________________The Conclusion_____________________ 

As for my personal opinion, I really like them.

I am just getting into the lapel pin craze (I know, slightly late to the party! lol)
But as someone who used to rock a biker jacket with pins, homemade patches, stitch-work and so on in the 2000s...I think I should know a quality pin when I see one.

The pins are thick enough to prove quality but not too heavy where they will cause any discomfort when worn. The fact they are secured with backings that tightly hold them in place (sometimes a single pin will include two or more pin prongs to keep it sturdy--like The Death of Casey slider pin!)

The artwork and designs of the pins themselves are absolutely astonishing.
Highly vivid and full of details.

The Neon Demon pin was a classic button pin and even that was quality worth the $1 dollar pricing it has on the listing.

The fact that the highest price on their website is $20 dollars for a set of 2 pins
really speaks volumes of this company. Reasonably price for such quality pins.
I have seen enamel pins go for more than $30 dollars a pop, so from my standpoint--the pricing alone makes their pins well worth it.

All in all, the bunch I got really blew my mind.
I am so thrilled and happy to start off my pin craze with such top notch pins like these from Wasteland Pin Co!

I was given these pins for free in exchange of a showcase. I am not being paid for this post, they asked for my feedback and I am delivering. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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