Friday, October 19, 2018

☠️ 99 Cents HAULoween--Coffee Cups & Makeup (+Bumpy Witchy Pumpkins!) ☠️ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Just posting again, for the sake of obtaining all I can obtain for the sake of Halloween.

I went back (Yes, back!) to the 99 cents store and picked up a few more items.
Just makeup and a few things here and there.

I wanted to get my hands on them now, before they sold out.
And after the trip to the 99, we also went to Smart n Final to pick up some dinner and we ran into a big o' bin full of some lovely bumpy pumpkins.
So, that is what this post is going to be about--makeup, some random decor and a ton of bumpy pumpkins. lol

So, let's get to it, shall we?

The bumpy pumpkins I was talking about.
Aren't they beautiful? They remind me of a witches nose! 

I wanted to get a good shot of the scarecrow in the front.
It was so cute! 

At the Supermarket, they had a few aisles full of Halloween related things.
This aisle had a few goodies here and there. I kept looking at the Gingerbread house!
I might have to get myself one soon! 
More candies, sorry for the blurring.
I was walking and snapping shots. lol 
They also had some classic plastic pumpkin pails. 
Thought I'd take a few images next to random mundane things--starting off with the frozen dinners. lol
And my personal favorite--the ice creams! 
And of course, the bigger pails of ice cream.
These are the "I got dumped by my bf and will binge watch horror movies all night long as I cry into this huge ass pail of mint chocolate chip" pails. lol
And me next to the basic pumpkins. Why not? lol
More Halloween stuffs. I like the jars of Candy Corns. 
Random shot of my hair in the air. lol
Another shot of me being me. lol
Me in the sun, cause I light up my own life. lmfao
And a random shot of the bus. I dunno why, felt like I needed a shot of the bus. 

Now, onto the haul itself:
Starting with the makeups, because I feel like starting with the makeups. lol
As I said in a previous post--If I loved them, I would go back and get more.
Well, I loved them and this is said proof. I ended up purchasing all of them (the ones they had left) on the shelves.
This is the "Pirate" Palette. 

Very beautiful shades--I would say very olive in tones. 

My personal favorite--Hocus Pocus. 

I am in LOVE with these shades and the palette's name. (Obviously!)
These tones will look great with my brown eyes.
A ton of coppers, a cobalt blue and some purpley shades. 

And lastly, this Woman Power Palette.
Inspired by Wonder Woman, I am sure. lol
I like that, as the packaging states, it's "buildable coverage" 
These shades are wonderful. Reds, whites and blues. Very classic Wonder Woman (or Americana, for most people!)
And that gold tone is very very pigmented. 

Next purchase--this matte White quick drying polish.
I loved my blue polish so much that I wanted to go back and get more (and see if they had a good black on hand, which they didn't!) but I did happen to find this White shade. 

I am sure this would work wonders for French Tips but I am going to use this to create some cute Candy Corn inspired nails. 

Nice thick bottle. So much product, which is a plus! 

Next items--these two palettes.
I seen the price and had to see if they are worth it.
If they are, I am gonna buy more in bulk. lol

This is the "Fierce" Define + Sculpt Complete Contouring Palette from Profusion. 

I was very amazed with the contour shades. I have been seeking a good contour shade and this one is pretty good. 
This is the EYES Palette from Profusion. 

I am in LOVE with this palette.
The pigmentation is superb and the tones are mostly matte, with a few sparkly/shimmer shades tossed here and there. 

The bristles are so soft and it blends like a god.

That's all the makeups I got this round.
I might get more, who knows? lol
But I'm happy with my purchases.
I actually might create a unique look using each palette. <3 

Next item I purchased--This vintage cat ribbon! 

I have been looking at this roll of ribbon since I went to the store the first few times.
The last time, they didn't have it but I swore to myself--if they had it the next trip I went, I'll get it.
So, I got it. lol

What I didn't know before I actually brought it home to gawk it--it is actually made out of a nice thin fabric.
I thought (and I don't know why I thought, but I did) that it was going to be made out of crepe paper.
So glad it's fabric. So so glad! 

Next item--these blood splatter suspenders.
I already purchased the bone ones, so when I seen that they had the bloody ones on hand, too.
I nabbed them up without second thought. 

They remind me of my old myspace days.
My Chemical Romance obsessed days. lol 

Just look at that blood splatter! GAHH! 

I already own the bone suspenders, so I got the bone tie, too.

Next item--this skeleton tie! 

This is the back of the tie, for those curious. 
I actually wanted this to complete my suspender bone look. Pretty obvious.
Idk, I thought it was necessary.
They also had a blood splatter tie, I should have grabbed but didn't.
I will if I see it again, if not--oh well! lol
I seen him the last time I went, so I hadda get him.

The next item--This cute clown!

I just really liked him and he was still there, so why not?
The back of his head looks like this. 
I already collect clowns, so what is one more? lol

He looks so cute, hanging up on the living room bookshelf. 
That is all the little things--now, onto the bigger things. lol

I thought this was so cute. 
It's a little haunted house lantern. 

Runs on batteries, which are included.
Hap hap happy day. 
This was a bit more pricey but it was well worth it. 
They had other ones--like a crow, a graveyard scene and such.
But I really loved the haunted house, out of them all.
It looks so cute lit up at night. Also, the top looks like a roof of an actual houseeeee!
I also got this shopping bag--since stores are getting more and more eager about you bringing your own bags.
I thought that this little Coco bag was adorable. 
We loved the film, so why not? eh? lol
Since we are coffee drinkers, we also got some new Halloween themed mugs.
My parents get these simply BOO-tiful ghost mugs. 
I get this Magic Potion mug, with a cute purple witch hat.
I was still trying to find the "Hocus Pocus, I need coffee to focus" but they STILL don't have it.
I'm pretty sad about it, but this mug shall suffice. 

And my brother gets this Coffee Monster mug.
I was actually stuck between this one and the Magic Potion one.
Loved them both but my brother liked this one more, so I gave it to him. lol

That's it, I hope you liked this post.
I have been getting some hate as of lately,
about how "boring" I have become with these Halloween Hauls. 

I'm sorry but Halloween is only once a year and I wanted to make this blog a bit more exciting with some of the finds I have found. True, these aren't odd thrift finds (as what I am known for) but it's still pretty exciting to see.

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