Sunday, October 7, 2018

👃I SMELL another haul (3rd Halloween Haul of 2018)👃| Hannabal Marie

The lot this haul. Looks so good to me. :)

Hello ladies and gents, 
I bring you another lot of Halloween decor and household items. 

I can't stress enough how much this season, 
this holiday, means to me and my family.
It's the only time of year where I can stock up on very necessary things 
I can use throughout the rest of the year and into the new.
So, being able to make these posts is what separates the gods 
from the rest of the world. hahaa

I hope you are ready to feast your eyes on the items I nabbed at the 99 cent store & Smart n Final. 

So, enough chit-chat--let's get to the goods. 

First thing I seen when I stumbled into the store, was this beady little red-eyed kitty looking at me.

They normally always have the black rats on the shelves, but I've never seen a black cat version.
I had to get him, he is so adorable.
He looks so nice inside my living room bookcase, alongside my spell books statuette. 
The next item--This tin skull tea light holder.
I said I was gonna get him the next trip, so here I am. Getting him. err, I got him, so I gotted him? lol
I am so happy to finally own all three they were selling. I got the pumpkin, black cat and now this skull guy! Yayus! 
I put him inside another section of my living room bookcase. Next to the dead monk bookend. 
Next item--This vintage kitty towel. 
I loved that the 99 was doing the whole "vintage" theme this year.
Tons of these little grinning felines were around every corner. I love it so so much.
My kitchen is looking very cute...and oh, so spoopy! hehee
Next item--This plastic gunmetal-toned skele-angel? lol
My mom actually wanted him, so we gots him.
I put him alongside the flying witchy poo.
Next Item--Glittery Medusa Head Bust.
I have been wanting this little lady since the last time I seen her.
Last year, I couldn't get her but this year that changes. I had to own her.
Luckily for me, she has glitter snakes this time. Noice.
I am in love with this little bust.
She has a great weight to her, which is nice to see in a dollar store product.
Something you'd find at Target or Walgreens for so much more. Me likey.
She is up and ready for Halloween. 
Next Item--This spiffy skeleton ghost guy. I'm not quite sure what he is but the hat is what got me. lol
I call him Tom Waits. Because he's waiting for Halloween, like the rest of us.
Also,  because he reminded me of Tom Waits. lol
I hung him from the living room fan. He hangs and sways with the breeze, when the door is opened. 
Next Item(s)--These ceramic skeleton hands. 
Quite honestly, my dad was the one who came up with the idea to go back and grab a ton more.
We got one a few days back and I was so amazed at how great it actually works.
It can hold TV remotes, candies or what I use it for--a prop to help take photos.
I can use this hand to hold jewelry or whatever if I want to showcase it on this here blog.
Niceeeee find, this one. Thanks, dad.
Next Item--Day of the Dead Mask.
Got this baby for my mom. She loves The Day of the Dead and anything associated with it.
Her favorite thing in the entire world being the Sugar Skull--thus, this mask.
She will be a beautiful Sugar Skull woman for Halloween. 
This mask is actually great quality, very nice strap to secure it.
It also fits like a glove and without pinching or hurting the bridge of my nose.
Aside from all that good stuff, the details in the art is what really makes this mask great.
I have seen some dollar stores sell some very flimsy things they try to pass as "masks" but this thing is BEAUTIFUL! 
Next Item--Spider Web Tablecloth. 
This baby is going to go on top of a blood red table-runner. It will help to show the contrast between the two colors.
The overall quality of this tablecloth is very nice. The spiderwebs really look like spiderwebs and aside from being a nice tablecloth, it can also be used as a piece of material for future projects or used as a quick alternative to a hood or scarf. 
Next Item (I actually bought this at Smart n Final, a grocery store here where I live!)
I was pleased to see some Halloween stuff being brought out at my local supermarkets/grocery stores like this cute Haunted House inspired Gingerbread House. I may have missed the memo last year or years prior but I have never seen anything so cute before in my entire life, so I hadda get me and my family one to create. 

Right now, the little guy is up on a shelf in my kitchen.
Awaiting it's creation soon. :)
*I will definitely be posting a progression shot of us working on this guy. So, stay tuned for that!*
And lastly--we grabbed some Halloween frosted sugar cookies to munch on now, to get into the season of the witchhhh! lol
I'm sorry but the colors orange, black, white and yellow are so beautiful together. 

That is all for this haul.
I hope you enjoyed yourself, as much as I did when I seen and purchased all this.

I will be posting a YouTube video soon, so those who like to watch can watch as well.
I shall see you in the next post, so until then--take care, boils & ghouls! <3

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