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💚 Thrift HAUL-O-Ween Finds--Demonic Baby Doll, A Board Game & Vtg Halloween Makeup! 💚 | Hannabal Marie

The dolls they had on display.
Hello ladies and gents
I have a lovely post full of amazing finds today
from the Thrift Store.

I have been postponing this specific post for a while, 
because I wanted to make sure I got enough items to create a good juicy post with.
And I am readier than ever to post now.

So, go grab yourself a nice cup of Java (or tea, for those who don't like coffee!) 

Some costumes they were selling.
and get ready for a ton of cool items I found at the thrift store.

A lot of the things I found today has been collected throughout the month of September.
A few tossed in here and there. 
I have mentioned this in a previous post 
but I wanted to make sure you understood--
everything I find usually takes a lot of time and effort to obtain. 
I just collect and keep collecting until I think it's a good time to post about 'em. 
I never purchase anything I don't personally love, I'm not trying to make a profit--
I am just collecting because I love what I find.

I might, one day, become very serious about this thing 
and do it as a job to make cash but right now, 
I just like to thrift for the sake of thrifting. 

More costumes on the racks.

I am an avid Thrifter, so I like to pop in sometimes JUST to see what they have on the shelves.
Most of the time, I will come out with one or two items. Sometimes, nothing.
But on the grand good occasion--I will come home with bags upon bags of cheap, amazing finds.

This specific post is made out of a few trips.
All of which were amazing to find in of themselves.
But overall, I am so happy and ready to showcase them to you now.

I also took some snaps of the thrift store itself.
I wanted to do a sort of "walkthrough"--so I hope you like it. 

Lodi Junction is always changing up their enter signs--this time, they had a cute little scarecrow and pumpkins up~

Some Halloween things up for grabs!
Oh, and apparently, they were doing some sort of sale.
50% off all display/jewelry and all blue labels were 25% off.
Great deals all around.

Some of the costumes that, I am guessing, couldn't make it on the racks. lol

Some cute baby dolls sitting on top of the book shelves. 

More dolls! 

Me and my brother like to check out the comic racks--sometimes they got cool stuff.
Like this awesome BOOF comic. 
They also tend to have some very strange finds--like The Falling Man.
I loved the cover so so much! 
Looking around the place, we saw these two Shonen Jump books.
Reminds me of my childhood. lol
After the comic section--we headed to the section where they tend to sell a lot of frames/portraits.
We spotted this brass photo. 
Lovely photo here, but close to 7 dollars is asking too much. imo
I don't know what I was thinking, perhaps I wasn't thinking at all, but I saw this.
Handled it for a few minutes but ended up putting it down. I wish I would have bought it.
Here are some more images, just random pictures and such.

My mom liked this photo. It was a wooden slab that had this image decoupaged on it. 
Here is another old photo.
My mom was looking at it and I asked her to let me take a snap.
It's a beautiful piece--too bad it was way too much for us to purchase.  
Under all the pictures, they also sell canisters and baskets/ect.
I seen this golden hat box and fell in love.
But at the price, our love shall only be at arms-length. lol
Another beautiful image.
All made out of a strange stone.
Pretty expensive, too.
Another one of those "love them but can't have them" things. lol
This is the section where they usually sell all the Halloween things--
not much was on display, except for this little cutie. 

We went directly to the Halloween costume section, which is around the corner from the Halloween displaying area.
They had a TON of items to look through.
Mostly hats and masks. 

Look at this cool Alien mask! 
Some more hats, I really liked the "Greatest Show On Earth" hat.
I really should have gotten it but we were on the scout out for Halloween decor items, not another hat to add to my growing collection. lol
More hats and things like that. lol
Oh man, I didn't see it when I was there...but they had a Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume. GAHHH
As we were looking through the costumes--they were wheeling in this tall guy to the front.
Someone JUST dropped him off, so it was out lucky day to see him. 
Here is a mini video of the big guy in action.
His name is "The Face Ripper". He is a 6 ft Vintage Gemmy animated prop!
He was sold before we even could look at him, someone got a good deal on him for only $40.

Moving back to the costumes, we took a look at the little kid section.
You can't be too sure, sometimes people like to hide good stuff inside kid sections thinking us big adults won't find them.
Most people don't...BUT I DO. I ALWAYS FIND THE GOODS. ALWAYSSS! lol

More costumes. Some very vintage costumes. 

More and more costumes. 

We went to the "breakable" area--pretty much all the china dishes and coffee cups you could ever ask for.
Not much in terms of Halloween...but we did see this strange BULL mug. lol

Now, call me weird but I really wanted this toilet mug.
Can you imagine drinking Hot Cocoa out of this mug. hahahahahaaa

Some random items, I really liked that artsy plate in the back.

More Halloween items were found--mostly cutesy things.
Don't get me wrong, I love all types of Halloween stuff but cutesy kinda isn't my first go-to MUST purchases. lol 
I seen this little pumpkin lady smiling down at me, but for close to 14 dollars--she can keep smiling. lol 
They also were selling this candy making kit.
Now, the package itself is very old, I dunno how edible the treats would be after all that time. lol
Some dog costumes. Too bad my girl Shih Tzu wouldn't be able to fit this outfit.
I really wanted to get her it but she is much too chunky. 
After looking around the costumes and such, we went to the fabric area.
They had this plastic pumpkin tablecloth.
Pretty expensive but still cute to snap a picture of.
I love love love the fabric area, sometimes I will find some amazing witchy things--
like this cute zodiac curtain. It's big enough to cover my whole bedroom closet doors. 
we sat for a few minutes, looking at the jewelry they had to offer--trying to think what the heck that red/black watch was.
Was it the devil or was it a Star Wars character? I say Star Wars! 
More costumes, hanging over the clerk's heads. lol
Can you imagine being a 30 something year old woman and asking one of the people behind the desks to "fetch me that angry birds head, will ya?" lol 
It didn't dawn on us until we were out the door, but they had a ton of Halloween stuff out in front. You couldn't see them when you walked in because the doors are opposite each other. The entrance was empty but the exit is full of all of this. gahhhhh
They had only a few items, which was kinda good. Considering we were about to head out and if I seen anything I wanted to get, I would probably cry like a child. lmfao
Scarecrow decor. My mom had one that kinda looks like him already. 
We did happen to see some cute items, though.
These mock vintage statuettes that my mom is holding up and that old vintage witch prop. 
So so cute. I wish I could buy everything! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!
If they still have them when we come back in a few days, I will get them then.
Strict budget right now. 

Some more items--cute pumpkin thing and a mini lamp with candle.
Oh, and I see the smiling pumpkin lady I saw on the shelf, now behind the big guy prop.

Goodbye Halloween stuff, Goodbye! 

Oh, and they had this huge King Kong picture up where no one can see. 
Behind the entrance sign, they also had these words:
"Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family" 
After the thrift store, we went to Food 4 Less.
I also had a moment with this beautiful pup! 
Like I mentioned in previous posts, I love when stores decorate for the holidays.
This was the entrance to Food 4 Less. 
I have to mention that the next following images are random but I wanted to take 'em.
It's not fall without Happy Apples. 
...Or red delicious apples... 
...Or Fiji Apples...
...Or Granny Smith Apples...
...Or oranges! lmfao
We ended up just getting a few things. Mostly dinner related. Not important.
What IS important, is the decor that Food 4 Less had up!
The people behind the desks were all talking proudly about how they JUST put all the decorations up and that they were so happy and proud of them.
So, I asked if I could take some pics and they accepted. 
They even had up Pumpkin Balloons! 
And a witch behind the pumpkin balloons! 

And a ton of Spider Web and skeletons! 

Now, have some random shots of my face on this day! lol 

Look, a cat on my head! lol

And me again, idk why but I felt like snapping some of me.
I had on the Woman Power Palette I showcased from my 99 cent store haul. 

Now, onto the things I purchased myself at the Thrift Store. 

I seen this little bag when I was looking around in the purse section.
I couldn't pass it up. It's so strange. WHY ARE THE GIRLS PLAYING FOOTSIE ON A BAG? lol
I had to own it, I just hadda! 

Next item--that witchy curtain I was talking about.
I couldn't pass it up, either. It was only a few coins, so why not? 

It's so beautiful. I love the orange/purple/white color combo. 

This is what it looks like when it's unfolded. Very large and so very beautiful. 

I love that they even include the dates for every zodiac sign.
It's very helpful, for someone like myself--who gets confused and mixed up in remembering. lol

I really love the sun's face in the middle.
I have window curtains that will go great with this huge thing. They both match beautifully.
I am going to use this for my bedroom closet's door.
So, I can remove the two loud-as-heck doors and have a huge curtain instead.
It'll be so much easier to get stuff and clean and such.

Next item--This demonic baby doll.
You saw him in the walkthrough, but I couldn't walk past him without grabbing him.
He was a bit more pricey but well worth it.
I can do all kinds of looks using him as a prop.
And if not, he works as a decor item, as well. 

My little demonic baby! 

Hahaha I made a quick little crib for him.
So, he can sit nicely inside and be apart of our family.

Such a cutie, he got his fathers eyes.
And teeth. lol

I love the paint job on the actual face. Such a cute little facey-poo. 

This is what he looks like from the back. 

He also still has his original tags.
Apparently, he is from Spirit 2011 and apart of the "Zombie Babies" collection.

All his personal info--His name is Sammy Shivers and his age is unknown.
I really love what it says on the inside, about them being orphans and in need of a loving home.
I DO have what it takes to love them! <3 

Originally $22.99 but I only paid $7 dollars total.
Pretty good, if you ask me. 

He is such a cutie, and my brother is going to be using him for this upcoming Zombie Walk. 

I love his little feets. 


And the tag claims he is also known as "The Wiggler" 

I also created a mini video of this doll in action.
Our dog (Charlie) didn't seem to like him, though. lol

Next item--13 Dead End Drive Board Game. 

This is a murder-themed board game from Milton Bradley. Released in 1993, it was followed in 2002 by a sequel, 1313 Dead End Drive. The story behind the game involves the death of a wealthy old woman triggering a feud over her will.

To sum it all down, you are playing as the "Suspects" and trying to kill each other off. 

I don't want to say it's similar to Clue, but it does have vibes in that direction.
Only difference is that instead of trying to FIND a killer, you play AS the killer--in secret--to kill off everyone else in hopes to leave the house and inherit the old lady's wealth. Very controversial, especially as a 90s game. Makes you wonder why not a lot of these still exist and if they do, it's hard to have a perfect game box with no parts missing. 

Before we even brought it home, we made sure the pieces were there.
It was still in pretty good shape, just missing a single rod--for the falling chandelier and the fireplace part.
I did, however, purchase a replacement fireplace on eBay already. So, all it's missing now is a tiny little rod, that can easily be replaced ourselves using a wooden stick or our imagination.

But all the little pieces are here, including the moving player images. 

Even the detective is still intact.

All the cards were there, we counted them all.
Whoever owned this game, took pretty good care of it--by keeping all the cards inside a hair-tie.
I think the hair-tie is even vintage. lol

All the pieces and such.

We set it up, to make sure the board itself wasn't damaged.
No parts were ruined, at all. Just a few dents and bends--but that is to be expected from a pre-used game board.

But all in all, a very beautiful set. 

It still even has the old instruction manual and info sheet. 

Some more photos of this thing, for courtesy sake. 

It looks so awesome, just look at the artwork.

I love how the game looks, as a stand alone.
It's beautiful enough to be a work of art. 

I love love love the fact you have to KILL people off. It's so dark and demented. 

You get a ton of different cards, all for various different things.

As you can clearly see, the fireplace is missing one vital piece.
The switch to trap a player.
If you played with it now, you would have to manually toss them inside. 

But the rest of the traps seem to be okay and in working condition.
Like this falling ladder trap. 

The chandelier is missing a piece, as I mentioned.
but can easily be substituted by dropping the main piece onto a player instead. 

More setting up.

I love how the cat is a suspect. hahaa

See what I mean? You gotta manually put the chandelier on top of a player piece.
Honestly, no big deal. 

More random snaps because I love this game board. lol

I also love the details that are put into this game.
Like the attic having the inheritance spilling out from the brim. lmfao

You can "push" someone down the stairs. lol

This is where you put up each character--when someone is inside the portrait, your job is to kill them off.
unless YOU are playing as them, then you want to leave asap before you get killed off. 

I'm very happy with this purchase.
Only a few cents for this vintage board game.
So lucky to have found it. 
Next item--Chair socks.
But we aren't using them for the chairs....
Oh no, no no....

...We are using them for our dogs. lol

They seem to fit perfectly on his little feet. 

Good boys doing good boy things. lmfao

...until he bites them off and they come flying off his feets. 
Next Item--this little guy was inside a plastic bag, all I saw was fur and an eyeball.
I didn't know what I was purchasing but since he was only a few coins, I didn't complain. 

It's a vintage Koala Mohair Doll.
It's an Australian souvenir around the 1940s-1950s.
It's also made out of real kangaroo fur! 

I looked his kind up and they retail for around $50 dollars, depending on the condition.
The lowest I seen, with damage and more, was around $30 dollars.
I only paid 25 cents for him and his friend. (which I will show you in a few minutes)

The back of him. He is kind of hard to keep propped up, though.
So, I'm going to have to place him in my glass cabinet in the living room.

He also came with this little guy.
I don't quite know what he is but I'm assuming he is vintage.
The fur is soft and plush--it might be mink or some other type of fur.

The face is kinda strange, I don't know if it's supposed to be a rat or a mole.
But it came with the Koala guy, so I am happy I got two for the price of one. 

Very old, considering the glass eyes he also has.
Maybe around the same time period. I'm not too sure.

But like I said, I can't complain.
 I only paid a quarter to get them both, so I am happy.

Here is the size comparison, to a purse I wear a lot.
He's pretty big, unlike the typical keychain. 

I place my Koala inside this wicker chair, to keep him safe from damage until I find a permanent home for him.

I really like the little claws he has.
I think it's made out of a type of plastic, again--I'm not too sure.
The glass eyes I was talking about.
Next item--This very 90s Vintage Halloween Makeup.  

It never been touched, so all the little parts are still intact.
The makeup, however, has seen some better days. lol

It also comes with the fake plastic nails and Cyndi Lauper bat eyeclip earring. lol

On the back, it states that this kit was from 1996! 

I really like the look of these old makeup kits.
Nothing like what they sell nowadays. Of course, probably due to all the bad stuff inside the makeup itself. lmao
since the ingredient list has petroleum and a ton of other "harmful" things inside it.
But I like it as a collector piece. I actually want to do makeup looks inspired by these old kits. Maybe not use the actual makeup inside but base the color selection with the colors presented. I can also probably pry this baby open and wear the accessories included. That would be a cool idea, at least I think so. lol
Next Item--this vintage witch head piece. 

I'm not too sure what time-frame or who created her but that doesn't matter.
I really just loved her face and had to purchase her.
I am only assuming she might be vintage, considering the materials used. 

I am going to prop her on top of the mantel with my bumpy pumpkin I also purchased last shopping trip! 
Next item--this cute "Good Luck" Bradley 'Big Eyed' Doll. 

I collect a lot of Bradley Dolls.
Even the knock-off brands of Bradleys, because I just love the look of them.
This happens to be a vintage 1960s Bradley Doll. 

I really love her, I have one in a pink dress that also has the same little bottom construction, as well. 

I love that the apron has "Good Luck" on her. I don't know if she brings any luck or not
But she certainly came to me at such a lucky price. I only paid a dollar for her. 

Hand embroidered with the words; "Good Luck" on her. 

Like I said, I also own another little lady.
I didn't know how tiny my pink lady was until I put her side-by-side. lol

Like I mentioned, both have plastic bottoms. 
And Lastly--I purchased these two old Shonen Jump books. 

Talk about a blast-to-the-past.
Me and my brother used to own soooo many of these guys. 

They still have the issue subscription inserts inside. 

The following images are just random shots of inside the books.

Pretty thick and in great condition! 

We are both very happy to own these again.
We lost a lot of our items due to moving and just having them disappear with age.
So, being able to leaf through the pages of the past, really is great. 

That is all for this round at the Thrift store.
I will probably be visiting a few more stores before the end of this month.
So, be prepared for a few more hauls/showcases in the future.

Halloween is my favorite time of year for obtaining odd and strange finds.
So, I look forward to my next trip.

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